Chinchillas make for great pets, but they can be fairly expensive. There are a number of factors that can affect the price of these animals. 

If you are interested in getting a chinchilla of your own, it is important that you get this information before making any decisions.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Chinchillas

The first thing we will discuss is the various factors that can impact how much you end up paying for a chinchilla.

  • Breeder: The fact is that some breeders charge more than others for their chinchillas. This is why it is a good idea to talk to a number of breeders before deciding on one in particular to buy from.
  • Color: The color pattern of the chinchilla will also be a factor in determining the cost of the animal. Some color patters are rarer than others. The less common the color is, the more money you will have to spend. Darker colored chinchillas tend to be the most expensive, as they are fairly difficult to breed.
  • Age: The older a chinchilla is, the less expensive it will be. Baby chinchillas tend to cost the most.

How Much Does a Chinchilla Cost?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $150 to $350 on a chinchilla that is under one year old. As you will see below, there are many different things that can affect the cost of these animals. While these animals are not among the cheapest pets you can buy, they are well worth the expense overall.

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The Cage

Chinchillas are very active animals that like to do a lot of jumping and climbing. You will therefore need to spend a good amount of money on a large cage. It will be necessary to buy a cage that measures at least 3 x 2 x 2 feet for a total of two square feet of floor space.

The cage is one chinchilla expense that you absolutely do not want to go cheap on, as it is very important for your pet to have enough room. If your furry friend cannot move freely in its enclosure, it is likely to become very depressed. This can have an extremely negative impact on your pet’s mental and physical health over time.

You can easily spend $200 on a chinchilla cage, though some of them cost even more. It is recommended that you get a cage with multiple levels. This will allow your pet to jump and clean without feeling restricted at all. Also, make sure that you get a metal wire cage, as the plastic ones will quickly get chewed up. You want a cage that is going to stand the test of time.

Ongoing Costs of Keeping a Chinchilla

The initial cost of your chinchilla is not the only expense you’ll need to consider. There are a number of ongoing expenses associated with owning one of these animals.

1. Food

Despite what some people believe, keeping a chinchilla fed doesn’t have to be very costly. In fact, you can get a pretty good deal on hay if you buy in bulk. It is possible to spend only $5 for a 15 ounce bag of food for your pet. This should last a while, so you won’t have to worry about buying more anytime soon. Timothy hay is the best food option.

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Chinchilla food mixes or pellets are also usually pretty affordable, but you need to be careful about what you buy. Take the time to look closely at all of the ingredients before buying anything for your pet.

2. Bedding

You can buy around 3,000 cubic inches of bedding for your chinchilla for a little over $10. Dried pine shavings are a great bedding option to consider. Make sure that you take the time to look around and see what your local pet stores offer. You will most likely be able to save a significant amount of money by shopping online.

3. Litter

It is highly recommended that you potty train your chinchilla. These animals can learn how to use a litter box in their cage fairly easily. A four-pound box of litter only costs about $4. Litter training your pet will make cleaning out their cage a lot less unpleasant, to say the least. Start training your chinchilla while it is young.

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4. Toys and Accessories

You will occasionally need to replace the toys and other accessories in your chinchilla’s cage. You can buy these toys fairly cheap online or at your local pet supply store.

You might also want to think about using things you already have around the house as toys for your pet. You’ll need to give them a good number of things that they can chew on. This will keep their teeth from growing out too much, which can be a problem with these animals.

5. Dust

It is necessary to give your chinchilla regular dust baths in order to keep them clean and healthy. You can buy a whopping three pound bag of this dust for under $10. Make sure that you get dust that is specially made for chinchilla baths.

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  • A chinchilla can cost between $150 and $350.
  • Some of the factors that affect the cost of these animals include the breeder, the animal’s color, and their age.
  • Talk to numerous breeders so you can get the best deal on the chinchilla you want.
  • The cage that you get for your chinchilla is very important, so you don’t want to go cheap. You should spend at least $150 on a cage for your pet.
  • You should only have to spend about $5 for a bag of hay that will keep your chinchilla fed for at least one month.
  • Bedding for chinchillas is also cheap with an average cost of $10 per 3,000 cubic inches.
  • You can buy a four-pound bag of litter for around $4.
  • It is important to supply your pet with plenty of toys and accessories in their cage. These toys are fairly cheap and can be purchased at any pet supply store.
  • A three-pound bag of dust for bathing your chinchilla costs less than $10.
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