Why Your Cat Wants so much Attention

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Ever wonder why your kitty always seems to need so much attention?

There are some pretty interesting and surprising explanations you should be aware of.

1. Craving Food

It is not at all uncommon for cats to yowl and cry for attention because they are hungry, even after you have fed them. Once you start giving a cat treats, it knows that there is more where that came from.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your cats treats, provided you don’t give them too many. Overfeeding your cat can result in excessive weight gain, which can cause major health problems for them. The more frequently you give them treats, the more they are going to beg for them.

Treats should only make up about ten percent of all the food they eat on a daily basis. You need to give them a balanced diet that will keep them in good health as well.

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2. They Are Bored

It is also possible that your cat is vying for your attention so hard because they are bored. Despite what some people think, cats get bored just like their human owners. You need to give your pet a good amount of attention each day.

If you are tired of all the crying and dramatic behavior from your cat, you should try playing with it a bit more. Some cats are more needy than others, but pretty much all of them need to be entertained to some degree.

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The best thing you can do is to get some toys that they like playing with, even by themselves. This is a good way to ensure that they don’t come scratching at your door while you are trying to sleep.

3. Affectionate Personality

Some cats just have very playful and affectionate personalities, which often means seeking out attention every five minutes. If you have a particularly affectionate cat, you might have to put up with quite a bit of bothersome behavior.

Try to be patient with your cat and understand that it is just the kind of personality it has. You should also appreciate the fact that it likes you enough to want your attention in the first place.

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4. It is Alone the Entire Day

If you are gone all day at work and there is nobody else at home, your cat is probably exploding with energy and affection. This usually means having the cat jump on your lap as soon as you sit down.

Owners who want to tone down the attention seeking behavior of their cat should consider getting another one. By getting a little friend for your cat, you might be able to relax at home without being constantly bombarded with desperate attention seeking behavior.

5. It Just Likes You That Much

Cats tend to be finicky creatures, which means that they don’t seek out attention from just anyone like most dogs. If your cat always seems to be beginning for your attention, it probably means there is something about you that it loves.

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A lot of cats that live in a house with multiple people tend to have a favorite person they go to for attention. If the cat has chosen you for this honor, there isn’t much you can do about it.

6. It is Jealous

Believe it or not, cats can get jealous just like people. In fact, this is pretty common in households where there are multiple pets (especially other cats). Your kitty might be trying extra hard to get your attention because there is so much competition from other animals.

It can be difficult to give your cat all of the attention it craves, but you should at least make an effort. If your cat feels like you are favoring another one of your pets over it, you are in for a bad time.

Female cats in particular don’t do well with being ignored for other cats. This is one of the most common reasons for excessive attention seeking among.

7. They are Sick

Sometimes a cat that is sick will try extra hard to get your attention. If they are way more affectionate than usual, you might want to take them to see the vet. It very well might be nothing, but it is worth the visit.

Cats can also become crankier and more aggressive when they are ill; it all depends on the individual cat. If your cat has been seeking your attention more as of lately, you should look out for other signs. This includes changes in their appetite, vomiting, and lack of interest in playing with their toys.

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8. Problems Sleeping

If a cat has a problem with getting to sleep, they might trot into your bedroom and try to play with you. These kinds of issues can be indicative of a serious medical problem. You should get them checked out to make sure there is nothing else going on.

Cats naturally want to be entertained, especially if they aren’t sleeping properly. They act as they would in the daytime when you are awake and around. Once you resolve this problem, their excessive attention seeking should come to an end.


  • If your cat is seeking your attention more than usual, it could be a sign of a medical problem.
  • Make sure that your cat always has enough to eat, especially before you go to bed.
  • Pet and play with your kitty each day for at least 15 minutes so they get enough attention.
  • If you have other pets in the house, you should try to avoid giving one of them more attention than your cat.
  • Consider getting another cat for yours to play with while you are gone all day at work.
  • Most cats give their owners attention simply because they and trust them so much.
  • Certain breeds of cats require more attention than others by nature.
  • Your cat’s attention seeking behavior could be due to problems sleeping, especially if it ramps up at night.
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