Albino Corn Snake Care guide and info

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You walk into a pet store in search of that perfect pet.

Your mind is still not clear what you are looking for, but then you are there because a close acquaintance recently bought a corn snake, and he cannot stop going gaga about what a wonderful pet it is turning out to be!

So, yes, a corn snake is up there on your mind, but you are still dilly-dallying between a bearded dragon and a corn snake because you think your junior back home will be more fascinated with a cute beardie. And then you see it!

Sitting inside a vivarium in that heavenly pet shop is an albino Corn Snake that you cannot take your eyes off! We get it exactly how it is!!

The albino corn snake is a beauty:

Starting with the white and the crimson scales and those deep fuchsia eyes, then the kernel- patterned body and the lovely cool temperament is something that no pet owner is going to be able to resist. So, you are decided as soon as it catches your eyes. You get it home instantly. But you have never had snakes for pets before!

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Never mind that! What are we here for?

Here is complete data for how to care for your albino corn snake. Don’t worry, with a calm personality like that for a snake; the corn snake is going to make a great companion. If that is just not enough, its increased life expectancy, which is a result of good breeding, will make sure that you and it are there for each other for as long as it is mortally possible.

Why do we call this a morph of the corn snake?

A morph is a type of snake that belongs to a particular breed but is slightly different in looks or behavior from the original known breed. For instance, the albino corn snake is a morph of the corn snake itself. But because of the absence of Melanin or the dark pigments in the body, it has lighter shade scales and beautiful eyes that sometimes shine like semi-precious stones.

A lot of albino corn snakes are bred every year, and they are much more popular than their original breed. Guess what – they look so cute and exotic that we will not blame anyone. If you were given a choice, we are one hundred percent sure that you will choose the morphed one only!

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Albino Corn Snake Lifespan

Corn snakes in the wild live up to a maximum of 7 to 8 years. On the contrary, in captivity, they can live up to a whopping 24 years. There is perhaps no reason for paranoia to have a snake that can mean commitment for as long as a quarter-century. It must be kept in mind that snakes are such low maintenance that you can afford to feed it once in a fortnight and refill water in a week or so. 

Albino corn snakes are nocturnal hunters:

In the wild, they can hunt only at night. This is because their eyesight is not so excellent in the absence of melanin in their bodies. They hunt using thermal pits that are situated in their mouths. The thermal pits guide the snake in the direction of the animal prey. They do not see the prey itself!

Their temperament is so cool!

We have had several occasions for interacting with the albino corn snake, and we think they are cool! They make faithful pets, are very docile, and will let them play with them and pet them; they love to play the fool in their water pits, stay independent, and mellowed. They will wait around patiently till their food is digested, almost always entertaining themselves and never once demanding anything! Isn’t that a dream situation? 

As a courtesy, all that they ask for is a clean enclosure/vivarium to the house in, water and food every week. Not too much, we think!! Young kids can safely play along with it, and you can be sure that they will have an entertaining company for a good number of hours. 

What can you feed the Albino Corn Snake?

Feed it one small to medium rat every once a week. The size of the mouse must not be bigger than the snake’s widest part. Ensure this so that it is not too big for it to swallow. In cases when it happens, the snake can vomit or regurgitate the undigested animal out. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

There is a host of things other than a mouse that you can be fed; chicks, hamsters, quails, and guinea pigs, for example.

If to give it alive or dead is the question, the answer is latter, please!

Kill the mouse before serving it to your albino corn snake. A live mouse can put up a fight or scratch the snake. With not too great eyesight, they are no match for each other even if the mouse is only one-tenth of the size of the snake. 

These are the best pets that you can ask for snakes:

Reptile lovers around the world will tell you that corn snakes, along with any of their morphs, are the safest to have around in the house. They do not bite in the first place, but even if they do, it’s only a superficial skin tear that a band-aid can repair. The corn snake is non-venomous, and there is not one drop of venom in them. There is no question that it will kill you. 

Albino Corn Snakes are docile, and they do not harm:

But if you do find your pet snake trying to nip you or bite you or constrict itself around you or any of your body parts, it is evident that it is sensing danger and is threatened. They cannot do anything. Try to loosen their grip and put them back in their enclosure. They are endangered because they have not got used to human touch and handling yet. Spend a little time with them, talking and interacting with them and see how much they will love hanging around you (literally lol)   

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