Despite their short hair, Mastiff dogs are not hypoallergenic. These are not dogs that you want to have around people who suffer from allergies.

 However, people who do not have any allergies or only seasonal allergies may be able to handle and care for a mastiff dog and live with it in their homes.

Are Mastiffs Hypoallergenic?

There are different types of hypoallergenic dog breeds in the world, as well as other hypoallergenic animals. Hypoallergenic animals are named so because they do not produce a lot of dander from their bodies. If someone who has severe allergies is exposed to any amount of dander, they can have a bad allergic reaction and need to speed over to the hospital.

This can happen to a person with allergies if they are exposed to a mastiff dog too long. Mastiffs dogs are not hypoallergenic and anyway even though they have their short fur. It’s going to be an immense disappointment to people who love the look of Mastiff dogs. They are large and extremely friendly dogs who are popular all around the world. There are also many movies about Mastiff dogs and their loyalty to humans and other creatures. The Mastiff dog is truly a world favorite.

Do Mastiffs Shed a Lot?

Yes, Mastiff dogs shed quite a lot. It may surprise some people who first get their very first Mastiff dog. They don’t expect an animal with short hair to shed everywhere it sits or lays down. But mastiff dogs do shed constantly.

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Some Mastiff breeds shed so much that the owners need to put covers over their furniture, so the surfaces of their couches, chairs, and beds do not become covered in fur.

neapolitan mastiff

If a person wants to take care and live with a mastiff dog, it is best to have an entire grooming routine in place with all the equipment they need. Cleaning off the dog’s excess hair is the first way to stop hair from going all over their house or apartment.

The information above only pertains to Mastiffs when they’re not in their shedding season. The shedding season for mastiff dogs is around summer and fall. During the summertime, this is when they get their summer coat, which will keep them cool and protected from the sun’s rays. It is in the wintertime that they developed a thicker coat that will insulate them from the cold. These two times are big shedding seasons for a Mastiff.

Why Are They Not Hypoallergenic?

There are two significant reasons why a mastiff dog is not considered to be hypoallergenic. The first reason is one that we have already discussed above. Mastiffs dogs shed constantly. They may be short-haired dogs, but that does not keep their hair from flying in every direction and coating pieces of furniture in fur. If a person who has even mild allergies enters into a home that houses a mastiff dog or spends a few minutes outside with one, they’re at allergies will be triggered, and they can find it hard to breathe.

The second significant reason why Mastiffs are not considered to be hypoallergenic dogs is that their bodies produce a lot of dander. Pet dander is the main reason why some people are allergic to dogs and why some are not. They’re not actually allergic to the dog itself, they’re only allergic to the dander that their body produces. 

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There are no dogs that don’t produce any dander. However, there are many different types of breeds that produce very little dander, and the small amount does not seem to affect people with allergies. This is what makes a dog a hypoallergenic dog.

Can a Person With Mild Allergies Take Care of This Dog?

It completely depends on the person who has allergies. There is only one way to see if you are allergic to a Mastiff or not. And that is by interacting with a Mastiff for a long period of time.

There are a few things you can do to cut down on the dander on the Mastiff’s body, which will make it easier for you to no have to be in the presence of constant fur and dander. One thing you can do for your mastiff is bathed it regularly. These are very large dogs, so bathing them may take an entire afternoon, but it will cut down on the dander on the Mastiffs. You can also brush your dog every day to remove all of their excess hair.

mastiff on a grass

Alternative Dogs That Are Hypoallergenic

The mastiff dog is an incredibly fun dog to have that is a great disappointment to many people that they’re not hypoallergenic. But there are a great number of dogs that are, and they can easily replace this breed of dog.

  • The Bergamasco dog – what’s touch clumpy fur, you think they would shut all over the place. But this dog is quite tidy and doesn’t shed often. They have great character and are perfect for young kids.
  • The Samoyed – these beautiful snow dogs are perfect for homes that experience cold winters and chilly falls. Their coats may be sick, but they are not prone to shedding. These dogs have a lot of energy and can keep up what is the most energetic of 10-year-olds.
  • The Mexican hairless dog – tall, independent, and they have practically no hair, this dog comes in a few different sizes like small, toy, and standard. Because they have practically no fur, it is best if these dogs live in areas that do not experience a lot of cold or snow.
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  • Even though the Mastiffs has very short fur, it is not a hypoallergenic dog
  • Plus one of the downsides to owning a Mastiff is that they shed a lot
  • They shed all year long, but they also shed much more during the summer and fall.
  • Their bodies produce a lot of dander, which is what triggers pet allergies.
  • People with mild allergies may be able to handle this dog if they can prevent their fur from coating their furniture.
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