Rottweilers are one of the strongest breeds of dogs on the planet. They are quite muscular and often used for difficult jobs like security and police work.

 But this type of dog is not hypoallergenic, and it has a lot of fur, so it is constantly shedding.

Are Rottweilers Hypoallergenic?

Despite their short fur, the Rottweiler breed is not hypoallergenic. They are not suitable dogs for people who have severe allergies. What are the main reasons they are not hypoallergenic is because they shed copious amounts of fur. Animals that are hypoallergenic tend to shed very little, but they do not have to be short-haired dogs. Since these dogs shed more than the average dog, someone who has mild allergies or only seasonal allergies may not be able to take care of them either. Fur can be a major trigger to those with pet allergies.

Characteristic of a Rottweiler

Originating from Germany, the Rottweiler is a large muscular dog that is perfect for working in syllable professions. They are used around the world as police dogs, cattle herders, and security. They’re even companies that use the Rottweiler as an anti-burglar K9.

Because of their strong jaw, muscular body, and loud bark, they are popular in the dogfighting world. In the media, they are portrayed to be evil dogs that will attack and kill anything they want, but this is because humans train them to act this way.

When raised in a healthy environment, the Rottweiler is an obedient, energetic, gentle, and loyal dog to both their own puppies and to humans. They enjoy playing around, but they can injure someone because they are so strong.

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rottweiler and puppy

Health Problems

As long as they are not continually inbred with other pure Rottweilers, this breed sent is a healthy and disease-free breed. However, Rottweilers are much more likely to get parvovirus then other dog breeds are. As they get older, they will usually develop hip issues like arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Do Rottweilers Shed a Lot?

It is surprising to the owners of Rottweilers when they find out that this dog sheds quite a lot. Even though they have short fur, it comes off everywhere they go. Some owners can even see their fur flying off when they go to scratch themselves. Owners of Rottweilers must take good care of their furniture and bedding. The Rottweiler leaves for wherever they sit or lays down.

The Rottweiler sheds heavily because they have two types of coats – and undercoat and an overcoat. Dogs that are not hypoallergenic usually have two coats, and they shed quite a lot. During the changing of the seasons like the spring and fall, a Rottweiler’s shedding can increase even more as they are growing in and out of their winter coats. 

Why Aren’t They Hypoallergenic?

All dogs have two main attributes that determine if they are hypoallergenic or not. The same goes for the rottweilers, and they have both non-hypoallergenic attributes. The first is they shed far too much. As we stated above, the Rottweiler sheds their fur wherever they go. They’re constantly shedding, and during the change of the season, they shed even more. Their fur can easily trigger present allergies, so they are not good for allergy sufferers.

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The second attribute that determines they are not hypoallergenic is because they produce too much pet dander. Pet dander is a compound that grows in an animal scanner in their fur.

All animals have some form of pet dander. So when a person says they are allergic to animals, it is actually the pet dander that they are allergic to. There is no animal that is 100% dander free. So when an animal is determined as non-hypoallergenic, it just means that they produce far less pet dander than other breeds of dogs.

couple rottweilers in the yard

Advice for People with Mild Allergies

Since Rottweilers shed so much fur, it may not even be suitable for someone with mild or seasonal allergies to take care of this dog and have them in their home. Before you adopt a Rottweiler, try to spend some time with a member of this breed to see if you can stand the presence.

If you can have a Rottweiler as a pet, you must brush them more than once a day to catch as much fur as you can. Have a few sticky rollers around the house so you can quickly clean up any fur that is on your bed or furniture.

Bathing an animal also breaks down any excess dander that is trapped in their fur. Since Rottweilers are big and strong, it could be difficult to bathe them, so you may need to send them to a groomer.

Alternative Dogs that Are Hypoallergenic

Having a Rottweiler or another large dog, like a bulldog, is something that all animal lovers should experience. But since this dog shed so much fur, they are not good for people who are easily triggered by pet dander and fur. But there are many other large dogs that are hypoallergenic and just as strong and energetic.

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Here are a few great hypoallergenic breeds:

● The Portuguese Water Dog – curly soft fur coats this energetic and loving breed. Them kind of energy and, like their name suggests, they enjoy the water and are excellent swimmers

● The Afghan Hound – a favorite for Rich old ladies and female supervillains, the Afghan Hound is beautiful and has a style all its own. Despite having such long hair, they don’t shed very much. But their hair does tangle

● The poodle – maybe they’re not as strong as the Rottweiler, but they’re certainly just as energetic and friendly. Their curly, silky fur does not shed so much, but they do love to be brushed often. They come in both large poodle sizes and toy poodle sizes.


● The Rottweiler is not a hypoallergenic breed

● This dog produces far too much dander to be hypoallergenic

● These dogs are very strong and muscular, which is why humans use them in many different types of jobs.

● Because of their muscles and strong bite, a lot of people use them when instigating dog fights

● The Rottweiler is not naturally more vicious than any other dog breed.

● They’re one of the healthiest dog breeds although they are prone to hip problems later in life

● Despite having short fur, Rottweilers shed heavily and even more during the changing of the seasons

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