Do Pet Snakes like to be Petted?

Python albino

There are a significant fraction of people who will tell you that a snake cannot be classified as a pet.

It is a wild animal that needs to be left in its habitat and that trying to capture a snake and making it live in a glass box vivarium only because the owner loves to see it every day is plain cruelty. 

Then again, some people will tell you that the definition of a pet is an open-ended one. Not everyone needs a pet that is slathering or responds to their name being called out!

Between the two groups, there are indeed people who love snakes and cannot but resist having them close to their hearts.

Pet snakes can be a mixture of emotions for someone who has never had a chance to be close to them. But for people in the snake rescue or people who have had long drawn an association with the animal will tell you frankly that they make fantastic good pets!

And for some reason, we will believe them because their honesty and sincerity shine through what they say and do. 

Snakes are always associated with evilness, magic, and terror:

Open any book, and you will find snakes being vilified for their appearances and their behavior. They have a role in everything terrifying. This bigoted outlook does keep a lot of people away from having them as pets. 

Do snakes love being petted?

Hmmm, this one is not so mysterious. Snakes, on the whole, are not big on being pampered. They rather are left alone than being handled time and again! So completely different from the conventional pets, we know!

Ball python

Does that mean that a snake will turn around and bite if it handled too often or petted?

Nah! They are much more intelligent animals than they are made out to be. These reptiles can be taught and will learn soon enough the owner’s touch and also those they do not mean to do any harm to it.

There are a few factors that will help in building up the tolerance to being petted humanly. They are

  • The species that it is
  • It’s age
  • How accustomed it has become to its owner’s petting

To reiterate, most snakes will feel acutely uncomfortable when they are picked up often or petted irrespective of whether it is the first time or if it is continuous physical contact. However, the bottom line to remember is that snakes, like all other reptiles, are unique. They can and are capable of springing some surprises when it comes to their tolerance levels!

Pig nosed

That brings us to the question: 

are there any snakes at all that love to be petted. Ahem, what we mean is that they do not mind being petted!  

Have been rooting to have a pet snake for some time and never thought it was possible eh!

We have some good news for you.

Corn Snake because its skin resembles the color and the appearance of corn is a well-known beginner’s snake that is very highly recommended for people who want to initiate themselves into looking after them.

They are evenly tempered unlike most of its relatives and of course, they are most compatible with humans and all the affection that they have to slather over them. 

They are not aggressive in their younger years and thankfully never grow up to be in their adulthood either. They are best for kids because they take all the touching and cooing well. 

An adult corn snake can typically be 6 feet long but most of them grow up to 4 feet and some inches only. They are active during the dawn and the dusk specifically and it can be fun to have them around looking at their tricks alone. 

Now considering the fact that you are someone who wants to have a pet snake desperately, here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you have it. 

  • It is tough even for the reptiles (all pet animals that are not bred in captivity) to have been taken away from their own habitat and then put in glass boxes or containers where curious eyes are watching it most part of the day. 
  • They also undergo shock and trauma and therefore it is important to give them time and space to overcome that. 

Take care of its water and food needs:

Checking on the water is something that you will need to at any point of day or night. You do not want it to be dehydrated and lose a friend so early right. Snakes eat only once in a week and that is why it is important to feed it first before you impose any of the touch-it shenanigans on it.

It is important to age-stage your pet reptile:

A younger snake may be highly strung than an older one. So, if your pet snake is very young, try not to offend it by handling it too much

Start with handling them only once a week. Once they are comfortable with you touching or petting them often in a month, you could start petting them regularly. 

Always remember: snakes are solitary reptiles and they seem to love their loneliness. Unlike a dog and a cat, they do not crave attention and do not ask for it. 

Here are the signs that you must know that your little pet is uncomfortable:

  • When it squeezes and squirms in your palms
  • When it raises itself in the air in S shape
  • When it starts hissing or pulling away
  • When it strikes, faking or really
  • Constricts its stomach in a very nervous way.

Snakes are low maintenance pets and you will not have to be cleaning after them either. But all they want is an understanding owner that respects and provides it its solitariness! Not too much to ask, we think. 

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