There are a number of different bird species that will dance if you play the right music.

This is just proof that music can have an effect on all animals and not just humans.

You might be surprised and interested to learn why these particular animals do this.

Birds are Natural Musicians

While birds might not be able to play the drums or play the guitar, most of them can certainly sing. These songs can serve a variety of purposes that range from attracting mates to letting their flock know that there aren’t any nearby threats.

Some birds’ songs are more complex and intricate than others, and they can be quite beautiful. Researchers have long suspected that certain birds sometimes sing just because they enjoy doing so. This is something that we definitely have in common with them.

Biological Response to Singing

In 2012, researchers at Emory University discovered that female birds reacted to the male’s singing in much the same way that humans respond to singing. Female birds have the exact same neural pathways in their brains like you and me. This means that their biological reaction to hearing singing is pretty much identical. It certainly explains why so many birds instinctively dance when they hear music.

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Response to Human Music

A lot of birds will start rocking back and forth when they hear human music they seem to like. Sometimes it is just a subtle bobbing of the head, but it’s definitely an observable reaction. In fact, it can be quite amusing for those who own these animals.

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Researchers have observed that many birds have favorite musical artists and even certain songs. They seem to have an instantaneous and very specific physical reaction as soon as they hear a favorite song of theirs. This bobbing, rocking and jumping around could be construed as dancing.

Parrots seem to be a little pickier when it comes to the music they will dance to. There are other birds that will dance to just about anything that comes on the radio. Certain birds seem to have a preference for classical music, while others like rock ‘n roll or pop. There is really no telling what these animals will respond to. Interestingly enough, researchers found that most birds respond to electronic dance music or EDM to some extent.

Which Birds Dance to Music?

There are definitely some birds that are more likely than others to dance to music, including cockatoos and parakeets. Parrots in general are very intelligent animals and big dancers. Cockatoos definitely have a reputation for their head bobbing when a song they like is played. If this sort of amusing behavior is important to you in a pet bird, you should keep this in mind before choosing one.

Training Your Bird to Dance

There are certain types of birds that you can actually train to dance. Parakeets and some other birds are very intelligent and highly trainable. You can even train these animals to dance to certain songs. The bird ultimately determines what the dance will look like, and it is easier than you might think to do this.

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1. Make Sure They are in a Comfortable Space

The first step involve in training your bird to dance is to make sure they are in a space they feel comfortable in. This should be a familiar environment without any distractions. You don’t want anything going on in the area that could distract them from the training. If your bird feels threatened at all, you will have a very tough time training them properly.

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2. Choose the Right Music

The type of music that you play while training your bird to dance will also be very important. You should ideally pick music that is upbeat and conducive to dancing. Pop and electronic dance are both good choices. There is, however, no telling what your bird will dance to. It is a good idea to pick songs with a fast tempo with a catchy rhythm. All of this will definitely increase the chances of getting your bird to dance as naturally as possible.

3. Lead by Example

Once you start playing the music, you can begin by showing your bird how it is done. A lot of birds will imitate their owners, so you’ll want to keep this in mind. Start bobbing your head back and forth a little bit to the music. There is a good chance that your pet will take notice of this and start imitating you.

4. Show Your Bird Videos

There are tons of videos of birds dancing to music on the internet. You should consider showing your pet bird some of these videos, as it might make an impression on them. If they don’t seem to be learning from your dance moves, they might do so from their own kind.

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5. Use Positive Reinforcement

It is important that you use positive reinforcement when training your bird to dance. This means rewarding them with a delicious treat when they start doing it. Make sure to choose treats that you know your bird likes. This can go a long way towards helping your bird to make maximum progress in a short amount of time.


  • Many birds seem to react to music in much the same way that humans do, even on a basic biological level.
  • There are lots of different types of birds that are known for their dancing, including cockatoos and parakeets.
  • A lot of birds have favorite artists and even songs that they enjoy listening to.
  • The “dancing” that a bird does to music can take a lot of forms, from simple head bobbing to spinning around over and over.
  • You will be able to train your bird to dance with a little patience and the right approach.
  • Keep in mind that it is easier to train certain birds to dance.
  • When training your bird to dance, make sure that you use upbeat music with a nice catchy rhythm.
  • You also want to use positive reinforcement, i.e. treats and verbal praise.
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