The green-winged macaw, also known as the red-and-green macaw, is a large macaw species.

I’d easily go on to say that whenever someone pictures a macaw from the South American forest, roaming the skies and perching on trees, they imagine something very close to a green-winged macaw.

It’s not only large in size but also one of the largest species in the genus Ara (which includes all sorts of macaws, including the extinct ones).

The species’ binomial nomenclature is ara chloroptera.

Green-Winged Macaw Information

A fascinating color and a powerful, large presence complimented by a strong beak – the green-winged macaw is a sight to behold. However, what looks intimidating often isn’t, and such is the case with this species.

The green-winged macaw is in fact very gentle and peace-loving. Though that doesn’t mean they can’t be offensive when the need arises.

The green-winged macaw is quite popular with pet owners. In fact, after the scarlet macaw and the blue-and-gold macaw, the green-winged macaw is the most popular pet macaw. And there’s a solid reason for that. They are strikingly beautiful and gentle at the same time.

The body of a green-winged macaw is mostly red. The wing has a forest green band in the middle. There’s also bright turquoise plumage below the green.

These are large-sized birds and have a lifespan of more than 30 years. The green-winged macaw is a vocal communicator and very social and gentle with human owners.

Pretty similarly to blue-and-gold macaws, the green-winged macaw has a large native habitat that spans Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, French Guiana, Suriname, Peru, Brazil, Guyana, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, and Panama.

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Along with fruits, seeds, nuts, and berries, the green-winged macaw also eats the “clay cliffs” that you might have heard of. This is supposedly very good for neutralizing toxins in the stream given the high mineral content.

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Green-Winged Macaw Care guide

35 inches from tip to tail and weighing between 2.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds – the green-winged macaw is majestic and therefore needs a bigger cage than usual. Let me rephrase that. They need much, much bigger cages than usual.

Think creative when you go for a green-winged macaw. I’m talking elaborate toys, stainless steel cages with play tops, really tall perches, etc.

Also, take care that you should not be keeping macaws with other species to breed. Parrots, for example, are a different species. Macaws can be kept with each other, however, no matter the size difference. Still, green-winged macaws get along very well with other macaws that are of comparable size.

You can easily prepare a highly nutritive diet for a green-winged macaw. As they are closer to being animals than simply birds, a lot of table food, cooked human food, etc. also works for them. Just make sure it’s all nutrition-rich. But as always, most of the food that you can get from online stores and pet stores work just fine. Don’t forget that green-winged macaws, like other macaws, need a diet enriched with fresh fruit and vegetable content to grow properly.

Macaws need more care than parrots. Overgrown beaks, self-mutilation, Macaw Wasting Syndrome, and major nutritional disorders plague the health of a green-winged macaw too. The only way to make sure your green-winged macaw stays happy is to take them for frequent treatments by licensed vets, especially those specializing in avian species. 

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If you care for your green-winged macaw properly, it’s been reported that they can even reach the age of 70 and up!

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Green-Winged Macaw Behavior and nature

Many large macaws are prone to mood swings where at certain times, they become very offensive. And a macaw going offensive doesn’t mean the sharp pecking only. It means a proper bite.

However, the green-winged macaw is not considered to be offensive at all. In fact, out of all the big macaws, they are the gentler ones.

They are not only gentle but also very peaceful with other birds and provide excellent companionship to their owners.

Some green-wings are cuddly and love to be loved by their owners. They are also generally very sweet if purchased from local breeders who are good with them and raise them on a great diet.


If you’re not keeping your green-winged macaw happy and content, know that it can be loud enough to create mayhem in an entire house. So, if you have neighbors that might not like a ruckus, make sure you do proper homework on how to keep a pet happy.

The sound of the green-winged macaw is gentle otherwise. They are not very talkative but can surely talk. It all depends on individual treatment, the bird, and the environment.

Also, a heads up: green-winged macaws occasionally scream. Though these screaming episodes are rare and far apart, they’re still a cause for concern if you live in a sensitive situation where you can land in trouble for loud noises.

Green-Winged Macaw Price

Now, as you must’ve guessed or heard, macaws are typically costlier than most of the popular parrots. Still, baby macaws can be purchased online from around $3,000. The price goes as high as $4,500.

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From a breeder, the cost can be lower but still well within the $1,000 to $2,000 price range.

However, if I remember correctly, a few of my bird-loving friends have maintained that they got hand-fed baby green-wings in as low as $500 and sometimes even $200. I guess it depends on where you get them from. In some regions, breeders are really good with macaws and as a result, have plenty to sell. Also, some places have a lot of competition in the pet birds industry and that brings down the cost, naturally.

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