How Often Should You Bathe your Dog?

dog bathe

Let’s face it; every time your dog stinks, you are to be blamed.

Unlike cats, dogs don’t have the uncanny ability to reach all the tough spots of their bodies to clean themselves.

So, the onus is on you to keep your furry friend clean and non-stinky, even if you are not an excessively neat person at heart.

How Often to Bathe a Dog?

Keep in mind that dogs are not humans. Therefore, you shouldn’t make the classic mistake of bathing them every day. In fact, you should bath your dog infrequently, even if you are someone who can’t tolerate a little bit of dirt.

Of course, you must groom your dog frequently. But then, restrict bathing to once every three months.

When Can Frequent Bathing Help?

You probably know that a dog can suffer from a variety of different skin conditions. In some cases, regular bathing can help a great deal in keeping the skin problem under control. Depending on the skin condition, your pet’s vet will be able to prescribe a medicated bathing routine to treat or normalize the skin condition. 

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How to Keep your Dog Clean without Everyday Bathing?

To be point-blank over here; it’s not possible to keep our dogs 100% clean at all times. But then, you don’t need to bath them every day. If your dog is covered in dirt, you can clean the dirty areas with the help of a wet cloth. If you notice twigs or leaves on the dog’s fur, you can eradicate them with simple brushing. 

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If possible, train your pet to get used to a daily tooth brushing routine because of dental health matters as well. Also, try to clean the paws every time the dog enters the house to keep both the dog and the house clean. Better still, teach your dog how to wipe the paws whenever he enters the house.

How Old Should the Dog be for the First Bath?

A dog can be as young as a few months old to be ready for the first bath. Of course, no two breeds of dogs are the same. Therefore, your best bet would be to have a word with a local dog groomer on this matter. He/she will be able to tell you the correct age restrictions for bathing if any.

Why Shouldn’t You Bath your Dog on a Daily Basis?

Believe it or not; daily bathing can backfire in a big way because it will strip a dog’s coat of natural oils, which keeps them clean naturally. Worse yet, daily bathing can lead to skin irritation or some other skin problems along the same lines. Not to mention that many dogs dislike the idea of bathing. Consequently, they will freak out to the point of creating a scene.

Also, you need to bear in mind that dogs don’t have sweat glands. So, simply brushing on a periodic basis should be enough to keep them clean as opposed to giving them a full-fledged bath. Not to undermine the fact that dogs have the tendency of grooming themselves by licking their bodies. Therefore, they need less bathing than you think.

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Can You Use a Human Shampoo for Dog Bath?

The shampoos formulated for humans are not the same as the ones formulated for dogs. So, they are not interchangeable.

Human shampoos can be too harsh on the pet’s skin and coat, leading to skin problems down the road. Dogs need a milder shampoo than what humans use on their skin. Over here, your best bet would be to consider an oatmeal-based shampoo.

Does your Dog Hate to Take a Bath?

Not all dogs are bath co-operative. Some dogs might actually hate you for leading them to the bathtub. Of course, they won’t hold the grudge for too long.

They will probably forget everything once they are out of the bathtub. If you are an owner of a bath-unfriendly dog, don’t let your pet’s resistance prevent you from delaying a bath that’s long due. 

Best Ways to Bathe a Dog:

  • -Do not spray water directly in the dog’s ears or eyes. Use a sponge or a wet cloth to clean the dog’s face.
  • -Use a mat to stabilize your pet, especially when your dog tends to slip during a bath.
  • -Make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold. As much as possible, use normal temperature water.
  • -Keep praising your pet while bathing. And, try to be as kind as possible.
  • -Bring a toy to the bathtub to distract your dog. It will make your job easier.
  • -You can also bring food to the bathtub to develop a positive association with the bathing area.
  • -Try to bath your dog in a big enough area where your pet cannot escape mid-bath.
  • -Let your pet explore the bathtub, of course, when it’s dry, to make the process less intimidating for him.
  • -Spend enough time rinsing the dog’s fur, or else he will feel uncomfortable for long after a bath.
  • -Use a blow drier to rinse the dog’s fur only if he is not afraid of it.
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Word of Advice:

Don’t make bathing seem like a punishment. After all, you don’t want your dog to resist a bath. Instead, your pet should enjoy the procedure.

So, try to make bathing a fun event in every possible way so that your pet doesn’t reach his breaking point before you finish the bath. Every time, your dog should literally leap into the bathtub.

Final Words:

In conclusion, you should bath your dog only when he is stinking—ideally, no more than a few times a year. Allow your nose to guide you so that you can bathe your pet before he begins to stink. Of course, don’t think that an unbathed dog is dirty, or else you will over-bath the pet, which is not needed at all.