I find your lack of faith disturbing.

For the Star Wars fan, perhaps this quote from Darth Vader rings a bell. But while some of the quotes are familiar to us, most people might be familiar with the iconic characters in the show. Luke Skywalker, for one, is one of the most iconic names in the show that even most non-Star Wars fanatics might know of. 

Indeed, in a galaxy far away, perhaps some of our dogs could have gotten Star Wars-inspired dog names. Let us look into some of the most popular Star Wars-inspired dog names and what type of dogs might suit the name. 

Top 15 Star Wars Inspired Dog Names

1. Luke

Associated Traits: Heroic, loyal, friendly, intelligent
Suggested dog breed: Labrador Retriever
Why this is suitable: The Labrador Retriever is America’s favorite pet, and this is in tandem with the series’ most popular character. And since the Labrador Retriever is friendly and intelligent, it does seem that the name Luke does suit the Lab well too. 

2. Leia

Associated Traits: Intimidating, dainty, ferociously loyal
Suggested dog breed: Pitbull
Why this is suitable: While this might be a controversial choice, Pitbull might just be the best fit for Princess Leia. The reason behind this is because both the character and the dog are known to be intimidating and loyal to their family. Hence, it is fitting that the Pitbull can be associated with Leia. This is further exacerbated that, well, some ladies can really be fierce yet dainty at the same time. 

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3. Han Solo

Associated Traits: Great hair, can be left alone, a leader, hairy, intelligent
Suggested dog breed: Australian Shepherd
Why this is suitable: The Australian Shepherd epitomizes most of the traits that Han Solo has. The dog is intelligent, hairy, and they do have a great and glorious coat. Most importantly, it likes to be regarded as a leader, yet they can be left alone without suffering from separation anxiety, 

4. Darth Vader

Associated Traits: Fierce, intelligent
Suggested dog breed: German Shepherd
Why this is suitable: Do we need to describe more? Both of them are fierce and intelligent. Their appearances do match too! With the intimidating appearance of the German Shepherd, it is very apt that they can be named after Darth Vader. 

5. R2-D2

Associated Traits: Cheeky, intelligent, friendly, small
Suggested dog breed: Pomeranian
Why this is suitable: The Pomeranian is small in size, hence it is comparable to R2-D2. Also, given that both of them are equally cheeky, we do think that the name does fit a Pomeranian. 

6. Chewbacca

Associated Traits: Hairy face, brown hair, strong, barks a lot,
Suggested dog breed: Brussels Griffon
Why this is suitable: You can never go wrong with naming a Brussels Griffon after Chewbacca, or Chewbarka. While the Brussels Griffon is a toy breed dog, it certainly has Chewbacca’s face and hairy features. 

7. Ewok

Associated Traits: Hairy, grouchy face
Suggested dog breed: Shih Tzu
Why this is suitable: When you compare the faces of the Ewok and the Shih Tzu, you can certainly notice a resemblance, and this is why it is apt to name a Shih Tzu after Ewok. We are not too sure if Ewok does sleep as much as the Shih Tzu though. 

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8. Jabba

Associated Traits: Short, stubby limbs with a generally well-rounded body
Suggested dog breed: French Bulldog
Why this is suitable: In all physical aspects, Jabba could be a French Bulldog as they are stubby and with a rounded face. The Jabba is also a powerful gangster in the series, and since French Bulldogs can be 

9. Yoda

Associated Traits: Cute face with sunken cheeks
Suggested dog breed: Yorkies
Why this is suitable: The reason why we think Yorkies is a good fit for the name Yoda because of their built as well as their sunken cheeks. Indeed, if you decide to paint your Yorkie’s face to be green, you will have the exact replica of Yoda. 

10. Anakin 

Associated Traits: Warrior, loyal, determined
Suggested dog breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Why this is suitable: Both the Bernese Mountain Dog and Anakin Skywalker are known to be determined and loyal to their family. Of course, Anakin turned and became Darth Vader, but you really cannot deny that Anakin Skywalker have a resemblance towards the Bernese Mountain Dog. 

11. Lando

Associated Traits: Self-less leader, quick wit
Suggested dog breed: Rottweiler
Why this is suitable: The Rottweiler are known to be strong and agile, hence it is fitting that the Rottweiler be named after Lando. 

12. Obi-Wan

Associated Traits: Gentle, sociable, dependable
Suggested dog breed: Greyhounds
Why this is suitable: Obi-Wan is known to be a good teacher as well as a dependable person, and as such they do suit the general characteristics of the Greyhound. 

13. Boba

Associated Traits: Mysterious, ruthless, strong
Suggested dog breed: Mastiffs
Why this is suitable: Boba is so elusive in the series, yet when he appears, he always makes an impact. Perhaps this can be the same for the Mastiffs too, and hence they can be aptly named Boba. 

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14. Tarkin

Associated Traits: Loyal servant, fierce, strong
Suggested dog breed: Black Coated Scottish Terrier
Why this is suitable: The Scottish Terrier is known to be quick, fiery, independent, and they serve well as working dogs. They do come in two main colours, and the black colour variant does have a slight resemblance to Tarkin in the Star Wars series. 

15. Boss Nass

Associated Traits: Confident, proud, pudgy, heavy
Suggested dog breed: Pugs
Why this is suitable: Boss Nass is an extremely confident and proud leader of the Gungan people in the Star Wars series. He does have a pudgy and heavy appearance. Hence, when it comes to selecting a dog breed that resembles Boss Nass, the best suited dog will be the Pug! We can’t leave the pug out of this series.

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