Is Cane Corso Hypoallergenic? Do They Shed a Lot?

Are Cane Corso hypoallergenic Do they shed a lot

No, the Cane Corso dog is not hypoallergenic. Even though it is a short-haired dog, it produces a lot of dander, which will trigger a person’s pet allergies.

 But these dogs could be ok for people who have seasonal or light allergies. 

Are Cane Corso Hypoallergenic? 

Although the Cane Corso dog has very short fur, it is not a hypoallergenic dog. People who have serious allergies should not keep a Cane Corso as a pet or be around them for a long time. The fact that the Cane Corso dog is not suitable for people with allergies is unfortunate because they are such affectionate and loyal dogs.

This type of dog is firm and powerful. They love getting a lot of exercise, and they are great to take on hikes and jogs. You can take them camping for several days deep into the woods. They have a great sense of smell and are often used as working dogs to help herd other animals, so they’re quite intelligent. 

Do They Shed a Lot?

Despite the shortness of their fur, the Cane Corso sheds everywhere it goes. They leave a lot of fur on furniture, their own bed, carpets, and rugs. Owners of Cane Corsos have to brush down their furniture and couches and chairs with sticky roll tape to get the fur off. They must also wash any rugs and blankets frequently to prevent bad odors.

Why Are Cane Corso Dogs Not Considered to Be Hypoallergenic?

Cane Corso dogs are not considered to be hypoallergenic dogs because of two main reasons. The first reason is that they shed a lot of fur. They may have short hair, but it comes off quickly. People with this type of dog have to remove fur from furniture everyday.

The second reason Cane Corso dogs are not hypoallergenic is that their bodies produce a lot of dander. It is pet dander that causes people to be allergic and to have to avoid certain dogs. Pet dander is not reversible. Pet dander is produced by an animal’s skin or it is a compound of their fur.

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It cannot be changed at all. Trimming or shaving a dog that produces dander may reduce the amount of it on the dog and around the house. But if their skin produces it, then shaving or trimming their fur away can cause more skin to be exposed. This can make a person’s allergies worse.

What if a Person Has Light Allergies?

People who suffer from extreme allergies should not be around a Cane Corso dog for long. But what about people who have light allergies or only seasonal allergies? Would they be able to handle having a cane Corso as a pet? 

The answer is maybe. That may not seem like such a concrete answer, but it entirely depends on a person’s allergies if they’re able to handle living with a Cane Corso or not. 

If you are someone with allergies but want to have a Cane Corso as a pet, you must find someone who has this type of dog and spend time with them. You should be able to pet this dog and let them lay in your lap for a while.

If your allergies act up within the first few minutes of playing with this dog, you won’t be able to live with it. They shed quite a lot so you will be sneezing and coughing all over your home, and you will have continuously watery eyes.

If you spend time with a Cane Corso and realize that their presence and fur do not affect you too much, this is a good sign that you may be able to live with them. But you must take good care of their fur.

How to Care for a Cane Corso’s Fur

The first thing you should learn about taking care of a Cane Corsos is that they shed intensely during the summer months. This is because they’re losing their winter coat. The Cane Corso dog has two types of fur: the overcoat and the undercoat. This is the reason why this dog is not hypoallergenic. Most dogs that have two coats produce a lot of dander and attract more pollen and dirt than those who have one coat.

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The owner of a Cane Corso must brush their dog’s fur at least once or twice a day. You must use a brush with a lot of thistles so it can catch the fur that will come off during brushing. As we’ve said before, the Cane Corso sheds a lot, so don’t be surprised if you have to clean the dog brush after every time.

You have to bathe the Cane Corso at least twice a week. Even if they do not go outside, they’re still big dogs that produce sweat and dander. Plus, frequent bathing can help someone who has light allergies tolerate the dog.

Alternative Dogs that Are Hypoallergenic

Cane Corso dogs are not hypoallergenic, but many other dogs are just as large and will not trigger a person’s allergies.

  • The Giant Schnauzer – this dog looks like an English gentleman in canine form. It has a long black mustache and very short hair
  • The Afghan Hound Dash a favorite among old Rich ladies, the Afghan Hound is a beautiful dog that can live a long time
  • The Airedale Terrier – this terrier breed is great for active people who enjoy going outdoors. They are great dogs to take on camping trips and hunting trips.


  • Cane Corso dogs might be dogs with short hair, but they are not hypoallergenic.
  • Their bodies produce dander, so they should not be around people with severe allergies
  • People with light allergies or seasonal allergies may be able to have a Cane Corso as a pet
  • Even though they have very short hair, this dog is known to shed a lot.
  • They must be brushed at least once or twice a day to prevent their fur from ending up on furniture and blankets
  • Bathing this dog regularly can cut down on the dander on the fur
  • There are several other types of dogs more to the Cane Corso that are hypoallergenic
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