10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

loyal dog

Regardless of the breed, dogs are said to be the most loyal creatures to live on planet Earth.

Seriously, some dog breeds are so intensely loyal that you won’t find any word in the dictionary to describe their loyalty.

Today, we will talk about the top ten dog breeds that have taken the loyalty bar to a whole new level.

Top Ten Loyal Dog Breeds

1. German Shephard – Very Loyal Dog Breed

German Shephard

German Shephard is one of the most loyal dog breeds of all time. Any pet owner out there would vouch for the dog’s loyalty, love, affection, and dedication. Frankly speaking, this breed of dog is mentally wired to be loyal. Not to mention that a German Shephard dog has a brilliant and courageous personality of its own.

Therefore, you will often find German Shephard dogs in police and military services. By all means, it’s one of the best dogs to serve humans in their own capacity.

2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador puppies Retriever

It’s no secret that a Labrador retriever is the most popular dog in the USA. Almost everybody seems to love this energetic breed of dog. They are intelligent, playful, alert, easy-going, and highly trainable, all at the same time.

Above all, they are as loyal as hell. Therefore, they are often used in family rescue missions. The only downside to owning this loyalist is its shedding. Other than this issue, this loyal dog is perfect in every other imaginable way.

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3. Boxer

Boxer dog

A boxer dog is another loyalist breed of dog that is very protective of its owner by nature. Loaded with energy and playfulness, a dog of this breed won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to prove its loyalty, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

That said, training a boxer can be a little difficult than usual. But then, you will be absolutely love-stricken to a well-trained boxer because of its fierce loyalty towards you and your family members.

4. Beagle

Beagle 1

Beagle dogs are said to be a marvelous human companion because of their intense loyalty towards their owners. Although medium-sized, they are pretty strong and athletic. The best part is that they are easy to take care of. They are super smart as well, and they have a genuinely happy-going-personality, which makes them great household dog for any family that loves pets.

That said, you need to be careful to not let them alone for long because they have a very short attention span. When bored, they can get pretty destructive. As long as they are not separated for long, they make a fun and loyal human companion. 

5. Border Collies

Border Collie 1

Border Collies is a loyal and faithful breed too. To prove to you how loyal they can be, let’s tell you about a Border Collie that walked 240 miles to return home when it got separated from its owner. Believe it or not, it took the dog twelve days of walking to cover so much ground.

The most alarming part of this story (which still remains a mystery) is how the dog found its way back to the home, considering the huge distance involved. Of course, the family welcomed the dog back with open arms. This is how loyal this four-legged creature can be.

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6. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever 3

This gorgeous breed of dog has a happy-go-lucky personality of its own. They are easy to train, fun-loving, patient, and, extremely loyal. One popular story of a golden retriever that really strikes out is of a dog by the name of Toby. She jumped hard on the owner’s chest, which discarded the apple stuck on the person’s throat, thus saving his life.

Truth to be told, there are many other similar stories of golden retrievers saving their owner’s life in dangerous and difficult situations. By all means, they make a fabulous pet.

7. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is an extremely intelligent and alert creature that can tend to be a bit destructive at times, especially when it gets bored. Therefore, this breed of dog is not suitable for apartment living. But then, the Australian Cattle Dogs are fiercely loyal, making them a great pet for farms. Not to mention that they strive in an environment that demands constant physical and mental activities.

So, they are more suitable in a farm surrounding than a family surrounding. They will be loyal and protective of both the owners and the owner’s property.

8. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher 1

Projected as fierce protectors, the Doberman Pinscher dogs are fiercely local as well. Although stereotyped as unfriendly creatures, they will listen to the owner and protect him/her when told to do so without any second thoughts. The fact that they are also immensely intelligent and courageous, you will often find them recruited in military services.

In fact, they are labelled as police-favorite pets. For those looking for a loyal dog, a Doberman should really be a no-brainer choice. Once the dog gets attached to your family, you will know how loyal they can be.

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9. Dachshund

Dachshund 1

Dachshund can prove to be a good family pet because of its loyalty. For those who don’t know, this breed of dog has a German origination to it. They love to bark. Therefore, they can be wonderful watchdogs.

They may lack the size, but this doesn’t take away the fact that they will go to any lengths to protect the owner, which is actually a testimony of their loyalty. Seriously, intruders don’t stand a chance against this dog.  

10. Brittany


Typically labelled as a hunting dog, this well-mannered, highly sociable, and sweet breed can also prove to a wonderful family dog because of its profound loyalty.

That said, they bark a lot as they have an abundance of energy in them. If you are planning to get this loyal dog, you better provide them with enough roaming space because they tend to get a bit destructive when they have nothing to do. 


Almost all dogs have loyalty in their DNA. So, they will stick by an owner’s side through thick and thin. Dog breed aside, loyalty also has a lot to do with how well you treat your dog.

Basically, heart whelming loyalty depends a lot on your bonding with the dog. If trained and treated properly, there’s no doubt that a dog will be loyal to you till its dying breath.

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