Top 100 Best Dog Names in 2021

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According to many pet owners, the process of picking up a good dog name is harder than walking on pins and needles. Seriously, it can prove to be a brain-frying process. 

As much as the name is important for you, it’s important for your pets as well. Believe it or not, most dogs can actually live up to their name. 

Although they may not understand the English meaning of the name, they will understand the intent behind it in due time. Therefore, you need to choose a proper, dignified name. 

The Best Dog Names in 2021

To help you get started, we have included below some top dog names from where you can draw some inspiration to pick a good name for your four-legged family member.

Top Male Dog Names: 

Tommy, Max, Rocky, Jack, Oliver, Buddy, Milo, Charlie, Jake, Cooper, Bear, Prince, Zack, Elvis, Rex, Rocco, Rudy, Leo, Jack, Champ, Tyson, Milo, Oscar, Murphy, Duke, Dexter, Cody, Diesel, Bruno, Jackson, George, Arthur, Calvin, Charlie, Coleman, Daniel, Dusty, Edison, Finley, Graham, Harvey, Irving, Joey, Junior, Joseph, Kobe, Lucky, Milo, Rambo, Rider, Victor, and Zeus.

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Top Female Dogs:

Lucy, Molly, Daisy, Bella, Akira, Alice, Angel, Lily, Ruby, Emma, Maddie, Jasmine, Heidi, Stella, Sophie, Coco, Gracie, Rosie, Amber, Lulu, Baby, Betty, Brandy, Brooklyn, Casey, Dixie, Ella, Honey, Jamie, Juliet, Karla, Kate, Kiwi, Macy, Molly, Nori, Ruby, Serena, Taylor, Victoria, Zara, and Zola.

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Some Tips:

-Choose a short name for your pet. Pet owners would tell you from experience that dogs easily recognize short names as opposed to long names.

-Avoid names that can be attached to anything offensive. Also, try not to use a name that sounds very similar to other pets that you own.

-Avoid names that might match with important behavioral commands, such as sit, stand, jump, etc. Names that match with training commands can confuse the heck out of dogs.

-Choose a name that you don’t mind repeating endless times because you might feel the need to do so. You never know how the puppy might turn out once it reaches adulthood.

-Of course, select a name that goes with the gender of the dog. Just because they are pets doesn’t mean that the gender names are interchangeable. 

-Choose a name that would fit the adult version of the dog too. A name such as ‘poo’ would be good for a puppy. But, not for a giant-sized Great Dane that can grow up to 30 inches tall.

-There’s nothing wrong with choosing a human name for the pet. But then, don’t name it after a commonly-visited friend or family member. They may not appreciate this.

-Pick a name that you can proudly announce in front of just about anyone out there; be it friends, relatives, or strangers. Don’t choose a name that you won’t use outside your backyard.

-Involve your family members too because they might easily squash a name that you must have picked up after countless hours of research.

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Word of Advice:

The Internet is flooded with many dog names to choose from. But, this doesn’t make the mission very easy, isn’t it? After all, we all want a cooler name than our neighbor’s dog, right?  Not to mention that if you were to find a street dog with the same name as your dog, your well-researched name would lose all its coolness in a milli-second. 

Over here, a little bit of creativity can go a long way. That said, the name should not sound too comical to your friends and relatives. They might make fun of the name, every time they come over to your house. As you might already know, initial fun might turn into disappointment down the road, especially when the name teasing doesn’t end. So, don’t choose a name in haste. Take your sweet time to choose a sweet name.

Final Words:

Of course, these names and ideas are just meant to fuel your creativity. The best name for your dog would, of course, be a matter of personal preference.

That said, be open for suggestions and allow others to suggest some good dog names. You never know, the name that you would be publicly shouting for the next 10-15 years might come from someone’s candid suggestion.