What Do Chinchillas Like to Play With?

What do chinchillas like to play with

Playtime is a very important part of any chinchilla’s daily routine. If you want to keep your pet happy and healthy, you will need to ensure that they are adequately stimulated.

 There are lots of different things these animals like to play with, and it’s a good idea to explore your options.

Which Types of Things Do Chinchillas Enjoy Playing with?

Your chinchilla will go crazy for just about any toy that is made for chewing. It is essential that you provide your pet with chew toys, as they will help with maintaining their teeth. Wooden toys in particular are great for these animals. There are also chewing sticks that you can put in their cage.

You will be able to find lots of chinchilla toys that can hang from the ceiling of your pet’s cage. These toys are very effective at keeping your furry friend stimulated on a daily basis. Look for hanging toys that are made out of wood.

Choosing Safe Toys

When you are looking for toys to get your chinchilla, you will need to make sure that each one is safe for them. You should never give them any toys that contain dyes or toxins of any kind.

Make sure that you look for toys that are specifically marketed for chinchillas. This will save you the guesswork when trying to determine which ones are safe and which are not. It is, however, still important that you consider the material of each toy before buying anything.

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1. Climbing Toys

Chinchillas are natural climbers, so you’ll therefore want to get yours some toys that will allow them to do this. There are tons of different climbing toys, and they vary quite a bit in terms of material and height. Some of these toys feature branches, perches, or flat platforms.

When you put these toys in your pet’s cage, you’ll want to make sure they are secure. You don’t want to worry about them getting injured if their climbing toy suddenly falls over. Take the time to find the right place for these items.

chinchilla and toys

2. Chew Toys

The right chew toys will keep your chinchilla occupied while helping to maintain their dental health. Some of the best woods for these toys include cedar, redwood, and cherry. There are lots of untreated wood toy options available as well.

When you look for these toys in your local pet supply store, keep in mind that the bird section will provide you with lots of different options. Look for sturdy wood items that are safe for your pet.

3. Wheels

It is definitely a good idea to have an exercise wheel in your chinchilla’s cage. This will provide your pet with a convenient way to get exercise while staving off boredom each day. These animals love to run around on wheels, but you need to choose carefully. You’ll want to get a wheel or ball that is made of plastic. Metal wheels pose too much of a threat to your chinchilla, so you should avoid them entirely.

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4. Playpen

When you take your chinchilla out of its cage to let it roam around each day, you’ll want to keep it in an enclosed space. There are lots of different playpens that are made specifically for these animals.

Make certain that you get a playpen that is sturdy and will contain your pet effectively without any issues. This will allow you to play with your chinchilla without having to worry about it running away and possibly getting injured. The playpen should offer enough space to let them run around freely.

Another good reason that you should keep your chinchilla in a playpen when it is out of its cage is that it will minimize their stress levels. These animals can become stressed and frightened very easily. If you let them run around in a very large wide-open area, they could get overwhelmed.

chinchilla and ball

5. Hiding Places

The timid nature of chinchillas means that you will need to provide yours with numerous places to hide out in their cage. There are lots of toys that are designed for this exact purpose.

While you can buy houses for chinchillas at your local pet store, you can also make your own with relatively minimal effort. Just cut a hole in a piece of PVC piping. You might be surprised at the tight spaces these animals can squeeze into. Just make sure that your pet can get out.

6. Dust Baths

Regular dust baths are necessary for keeping your chinchilla clean and happy. These animals absolutely love taking dust baths, and it’s a sort of playtime for them. You can use a fish bowl to bathe your pet in, though a deep plastic bowl also works well.

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You don’t need to put a lot of dust in the bowl for your pet to clean itself thoroughly. They will immediately begin rolling around in the dust out of instinct. You should never have a difficult time getting your chinchilla to take a dust bath, which is a big plus. Each dust bath should last about 10-15 minutes at the most.


  • Chinchillas are very active creatures that need lots of different toys to play with on a daily basis.
  • Make sure that you provide your pet with numerous toys to chew on.
  • The best wood options for chinchilla chew toys include cherry, redwood, and cedar.
  • You’ll want to put at least a couple of hiding toys in your pet’s cage, as chinchillas are timid animals.
  • If you put a wheel in your furry friend’s cage, make sure it is made entirely of plastic.
  • Buy a playpen for when you let your chinchilla out of its cage to play. This will give you and your pet peace of mind.
  • Carefully consider the material of the toys you get your pet, as you don’t want to buy any that contain toxic properties.
  • A simple dust bath can definitely serve as playtime for these animals. They will instinctually roll around in the dust and clean themselves while having a great time.
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