Why Do Cats Purr? 9 Reason & Information

cat purring

The purring of your cat can indicate a variety of things.

This is one of the ways in which they communicate with you.

The better you understand your cat, the more you will enjoy their company. It can also help you take care of their needs.

How Cats Purr

The larynx in a cat’s throat is ultimately what allows them to make that purring sound. The interesting thing about this is that it occurs when cats breathe in and out.

Reasons for Your Cat’s Purring

1. It is a Happy Greeting

Cats will often purr as a way of greeting their owner. This is basically their way of saying that they are happy to see you. You have probably noticed them purring when you come home or enter an area of the house they are already in.

2. They Want Feed

It’s also common for cats to purr when they are hungry and want to be fed. They might do it around the time you usually feed them, or a little after if you are forgetful. This just serves as a reminder to give your kitty its food at the same time each day. Consistency is important to these animals, as they don’t do well with a sudden change in their routine.

3. Something Hurts

Your cat might also purr because it is in pain. This can be a way for them to self-soothe when they are experiencing pain for whatever reason. This type of purring is usually higher pitched than the kind they emit when greeting you at the door.

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Purring can actually help a cat heal its wounds and repair damaged tendons. It also reduces the pain and inflammation, believe it or not. If your cat is recovering from surgery or recently got injured, this is definitely something to consider.

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4. Stress

Purring can also be a self-soothing behavior when a cat is feeling stressed. There could be a number of reasons for this, including loud noises, boredom, or a sudden change in their everyday routine.

Cats sometimes purr when they are taken to the vet. This is an instinctual fear response, and it can be pretty loud to say the least. It is essentially your cat’s way of letting you know that it is frightened.

5. They Want to Get Your Attention

If your cat purrs incessantly to the point of driving you crazy, it could just be trying to get your attention. This is pretty common behavior when a cat feels like it is being neglected. You might want to try playing with them more each day.

A little bit of playtime can go a long way with these animals. While they may seem like aloof creatures that don’t require much attention, it is important that you play with them. Get one of their favorite toys and have fun with your pet. This will help you maintain a strong bond with them over the years.

6. Submissive Behavior

If you have multiple cats in your house, one of them may purr and lower their body in front of another. This is a submissive behavior that acknowledges the alpha status of the other cat.

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7. Maternal Connection

A mother cat and its kitten may purr back and forth to each other. This is a normal part of the bonding process. When the mother purrs, their offspring will purr back. While purring is instinctual, it is also learned behavior. A kitten gets the ability to purr around the time it starts nursing from its mother.

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8. Curiosity

Cats are very curious animals, and they sometimes purr when they come across something that piques their interest. This could be another animal in the house or just a shiny object. This is basically their way of saying “what the heck is that?” 

It is usually followed by them batting the object with their paw. Some cats exhibit this behavior as a way of determining whether or not something is a threat.

9. They are Annoyed

Purring isn’t always a sign of warmth and affection. In fact, it can indicate that your pet is fed up with something you are doing. It can be hard to tell the difference, but there are some signs to look out for. If you are petting your cat and it start swiping its paw at you, it is probably time to stop.

When Purring Becomes a Problem

If your cat is purring a lot on a regular basis, there is a chance that something is wrong. It could be that they are sick or simply need more attention from you. Either way, you will need to take some sort of action.

The best way to tell if your cat is purring to get your attention is to pet and/or play with it. If it continues purring, try giving it something to eat. The alternative is that your cat is either in pain or stressed out for some reason.

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Some of the common signs of illness with cats include vomiting, lack of appetite, lethargy, and diarrhea. If their purring is accompanied by any of these things, you should take them to your veterinarian as soon as possible.


  • Purring is often a cat’s way of greeting their owner when they come home or walk into a room.
  • Your cat could also be purring because it wants to be fed. This is most likely the case if they keep doing it around the time you typically feed them.
  • This can be an indication that your cat is experiencing physical pain. Purring is a self-soothing behavior that can make these animals feel better and even heal injuries.
  • If you have multiple cats in the house, they could be purring as a way of submitting to another.
  • It is fairly common for mothers and kittens to purr to each other. The kittens mimic this behavior around the time they start nursing.
  • If your cat is very curious about something it sees, they might start purring at it.
  • Purring can be the result of your cat being annoyed. This is something to consider when you are petting or handling it.
  • When a cat is afraid, they sometimes start purring. You have probably noticed this when you take your cat to the veterinarian.
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