A cat might cover its face while sleeping for many reasons.

These animals sleep soundly in a way that makes most humans jealous.

Learning about this particular behavior will help you understand your cat a bit better, which can be very useful.

1. It is Comfortable for them

One of the simplest explanations for a cat covering its face while sleeping is that doing so feels comfortable for them. Humans have their own sleep positions that make them feel relaxed, and the same goes for these animals.

Cats often shift positions throughout the night while they are sleeping just like people. Sometimes their paws end up on their face for seemingly no reason. Sometimes this will feel like the most comfortable position, while other times they might prefer a different one.

The more relaxed and comfortable your cat is, the easier it will be to sleep soundly. There is no telling what position your cat will prefer when sleeping. These animals are known for being very unpredictable and mysterious.

2. They are Blocking out Sunlight

If your kitty falls asleep in an area of the house that receives direct sunlight, they might cover their face to block it out. This is just another way in which these animals make themselves more comfortable while sleeping.

Covering their eyes protects them from the sun while they doze peacefully. Their paws serve as sunglasses, shielding their eyes from the powerful UV rays. Cats often do this when sleeping outside to avoid having sunlight shining right in their eyes.

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Cats have very sensitive eyes and they know it. This helps to preserve their vision while increasing their comfort level during sleep. They are less likely to wake up due to discomfort from the sun’s bright rays.

cat cover face

3. It Makes Them Feel Safe

It is also possible that your cat is covering their eyes while they sleep to feel more secure. This could be due to a very old natural instinct these animals have had for hundreds of years. They are essentially protecting their face from predators. It gives them a sense of security that allows for peaceful and deep sleep.

Outdoor cats are more prone to do this because they constantly feel vulnerable due to predators. These animals usually try to find a safe place to sleep, but sometimes they will settle for just putting a paw over their face.

4. Laziness

A lot of what cats do or don’t do comes down to a matter of laziness. It could be the case that your cat simply cannot be bothered to move their paws. They may be very worn out physically and mentally after running around all day long.

Cats are extremely energetic animals that are always bouncing, jumping and running around. You would probably get pretty lazy too if you expended this much energy on a daily basis. They might just feel like it isn’t worth the effort to move.

Sometimes a cat will fall asleep in the middle of grooming itself, which is why you might notice their paw covering their face. If they are suddenly overtaken by sleepiness, this can easily happen. It is actually more common than you might think with these animals.

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cover face cat

5. Warmth

When your cat covers its face with its paws, they might be doing so to keep their nose and/or face warm. This could very well be the case if it is a bit chilly inside of your house. It is important that you keep the inside of your home at a comfortable temperature. If you are too hot or cold, your cat probably is as well.

A warm kitty is a happy kitty, and it can be difficult for cats to sleep soundly when even one part of them is cold. This is actually a very effective way for your pet to warm up its face. This is more common in the colder months, but it can happen at any time of the year. Sometimes these animals just get a cold nose, even when the inside of your house is perfectly warm.

Should I be Worried About This Behavior?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your cat covering or hiding its face when it sleeps. In fact, this can help your pet get adequate rest and stay comfy. You don’t want to discourage them from doing this, because there is nothing wrong with it.

While it is unlikely, your cat could be doing this because of some oral health issue. They might be experiencing tooth pain due to dental disease. It is important that you get your cat checked by the vet on a regular basis. This way you can stay on top of your pet’s oral health.

Unless your cat is exhibiting truly concerning behaviors, you shouldn’t need to take it to the vet to be looked at. This is a perfectly normal thing for cats to do.

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Do not try to change your cat’s sleep position, as it will only serve to annoy them and cause unnecessary stress. There is usually nothing wrong with a cat doing this. It doesn’t cause them any harm whatsoever.


  • Lots of cats cover their face while sleeping, so it is a perfectly normal behavior that usually isn’t cause for concern.
  • If your cat falls asleep in direct sunlight, they might cover their face to avoid having the UV rays shine right into their sensitive little eyes.
  • Sometimes cats will cover their face in order to increase their overall sense of security. This is particularly common with outdoor cats that are constantly exposed to predators.
  • Your cat may have just fallen asleep while it was grooming itself and didn’t have the energy to move their paw.
  • It is very possible that this is just the most comfortable sleep position for your cat at the time.
  • You shouldn’t try to move your cat’s paw off its face while it is sleeping, as this is not something that will cause it any harm.
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