10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

cat show love

Cats use a lot of ways to show affection for their owners.

In fact, your cat probably does this in ways that you don’t even know about.

Learning about this will help you to appreciate your feline friend even more.

1. Rubbing

Ever notice how your cat seems to love rubbing up against you? This is just one of the many ways that they show affection. They are basically trying to rub their scent off on you. It is a way of letting the rest of the world know that you are theirs. This is a territorial behavior that they exhibit only towards things they care about.

2. Purring

A vast majority of cats purr as a way of telling their owners how much they love them. It is a definite sign that your pet is relaxed, which you should take as a compliment. Not all cats sound the same when they are purring, but it is done for the same basic reason. 

While it might also indicate that your cat is stressed or frightened, this usually not the case. You will be able to tell the difference by simply observing their general behavior and posture.

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3. Nipping

Sometimes a cat will also nibble on their owner to demonstrate their undying affection. A little bit of light biting once in a while is perfectly fine. This is something that is very common with kittens, though adult cats do it as well.

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You only have to start worrying when their biting becomes harder and draws blood. If this is the case, you need to train your cat so it knows the behavior is unacceptable.

4. Following You Around

Both cats and dogs often follow their owners around. This comes from a sense of loyalty and devotion. It is also a sign that your pet is totally comfortable in your presence. They just want to be with you wherever you go.

It can also be your cat’s way of saying “hey, notice me. I’m here for you.” This is a sort of reassuring behavior that is really quite sweet.

5. Random Presents

It is fairly common for cats to bring their owners gifts as a way of showing how much they care about them. This could be anything from one of their toys to a freshly killed mouse. While some of these gifts might be a bit gross, they could be graciously accepted.

You don’t want to reject anything that your cat gives you, as doing so might negatively affect your overall bond. If you allow your cat to go outside, you can expect it to bring back its prey once in a while. This might not be your favorite thing in the world, but it is done with the best of intentions.

6. Head Butting

Believe it or not, some cats actually (lightly) head butt their owners to show them just how much they care. This isn’t painful for either party, and it is actually fairly affordable. This is similar to when your cat rubs up against you to leave its pheromones. It is a sort of territorial behavior, but it’s still sweet nonetheless.

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7. Rolling

Have you ever seen your cat rolling around on the floor in front of you? It is pretty entertaining to say the least, but there is a perfectly good reason behind this eccentric behavior. This is a common way that cats greet their owners when they come home.

When your cat rolls around on its back, it is exposing its stomach. This is a very vulnerable position, which means that your pet is very at ease near you. They trust you completely, which is a huge compliment.

Next time you notice your cat doing this, give it some belly scratches. Dogs aren’t the only ones that like having their stomach scratched and petted, so keep that in mind. This will only serve to deepen the bond you have with your feline friend.

8. Falling Asleep On You

It can be a bit annoying when your cat crawls up on you and doses off at inopportune moments, but it’s actually kind of sweet. This means that your cat feels completely secure lying on you. A cat will not fall asleep in any environment that they don’t feel totally safe in.

9. It’s All in the Eyes

You can even sometimes tell when your cat is being affectionate towards you by simply looking at its eyes. Your cat might stare at you with its eyes wide open when it is expressing affection. When their eyes narrow, it means they are suspicious of something. You are actually able to tell a lot about a cat’s general mood by their eyes.

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10. Their Tall is Standing Up

The position of your cat’s tail is yet another way of assessing what it is feeling at any given moment. When your cat’s tail is going straight up, it could mean that they are showing you some love. This is why a cat’s tail does this while it is rubbing up against their owner or someone they really like.


  • If your cat suddenly start rubbing up against you, it is most likely a sign of affection.
  • A lot of cats purr softly to express positive feelings for their owner.
  • Some light nipping is another common display of affection, especially for kitties.
  • Following you around everywhere is just your cats way of showing how much it loves you.
  • Your cat might also give you random gifts (like rodents it drags in from outside) as an expression of affection.
  • Light head-butting is another way that these animals express love for their owners.
  • When your cat rolls around in front of you, it could be a sweet little greeting.
  • If your cat falls asleep on you, it definitely means that they are comfortable and relaxed.
  • When your cat looks at you with wide eyes, it’s probably because they are happy to see you.
  • A straight-up tail posture in your presence most likely means that your cat is happy to be around you. 
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