You hear scratching at your bedroom door at night, but it’s not a monster trying to get in.

If you want to put an end to this nocturnal nuisance, there are a few tips that can really help.

1. Get Your Cat Checked Out by the Vet

Scratching and crying at your door at night could be a sign that there is a medical problem that needs to be addressed. The first thing you want to do is to take your cat to a veterinarian so you can rule out this possibility.

2. Don’t Give Your Cat Any Attention

The worst possible thing you can do when it comes to your cat scratching on your door at night is to give it any attention. This is exactly what your pet is looking for, so it will only reinforce this behavior.

While it can be difficult to simply ignore the annoying scratching sound, it is crucial that you stay strong. There is a good chance that your cat will just give up after a while. This is not always the case, but you don’t want to open the door regardless.

cat near door

3. Give Them Adequate Attention Before Turning in

You want to make a point of playing with your kitty a little bit before you turn in for the night. This could make a big difference when it comes to their scratching. One of the most common reasons that cats do this is because they aren’t getting enough attention during the day.

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It is important that you pet your cat and use some of its toys during playtime. By doing this you will likely make it so they no longer feel the need to get your attention while you are trying to sleep.

4. Use a Cat Deterrent Spray on the Door

There are various spray products that you can buy that are designed to send cats running in the opposite direction. You can try spraying some on your bedroom door before going to bed to see if it makes a difference.

Depending on how stubborn your cat is, this could work very well. Keep in mind that you’ll probably need to reapply the spray each night. The spray emits a scent that most cats find very unpleasant. 

The best thing about this is that it won’t negatively affect you at all. Most of these sprays don’t even register to a person’s sense of smell.

cat in door opening

5. Feed Your Kitty Before Bed

One of the best things that you can do to keep your cat from scratching at your door at night is to feed it. Most cats are far more likely to sleep soundly after they have eaten. It is, however, important that you not over feed your cat, as this will lead to unhealthy weight gain.

You’ll want to consider investing in a device that dispenses food for your cat at certain times if they keep waking you up with their scratching. This can help you finally sleep through the night while providing your cat with what it needs.

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6. Get Another Cat

Getting your cat a feline friend to spend time with at night is something else to consider. You will only want to do this if you think it is a good idea. The fact is that some cats do better than others with other cats in the house.

Adding another cat to your family can be a good way to keep the one you have now from scratching at your door while you are trying to sleep. Some cats exhibit this behavior because they feel lonely, and this could be an effective solution.

7. Make Sure Your Cat Has Plenty of Toys

You also want to provide your cat with as many ways of entertaining itself at night as possible. This means giving it lots of fun toys and a scratching post to go crazy on. It might just be enough to where your pet won’t come scratching at your door for attention.

 Not all cats like to play with the same toys, so this might be a matter of trial and error at first. It is important that you get toys that really keep their attention. Otherwise, you are just going to end up with the same problem.

8. Keep Your Cat’s Claws Trimmed

You need to make a point of keeping your cat’s claws trimmed for a number of reasons. Among other things, it will prevent your door from getting scratched up. There are a number of tools that you can buy online for maintaining your cat’s claws.

If you can’t seem to trim your cat’s claws without getting scratched up, you might need to take them to a professional to do this. Whatever you do, don’t get your cat de-clawed. This can have all sorts of negative long term consequences for your pet.

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9. Put Adhesive Pads on Your Door

You can buy adhesive pads to put on the bottom part of your door so that you aren’t able to hear your cat’s scratching. Just make certain that the pads are durable enough to withstand your cat’s sharp claws.


  • Take your cat to a veterinarian just to make sure that their scratching isn’t a sign of a serious medical condition.
  • Make certain that your cat is getting enough physical activity and playtime during the day.
  • Feed your cat before you go to bed, but not too much.
  • Try spraying your door with a cat deterrent spray to make it unappealing to them.
  • Get your cat lots of fun toys to play with while you are asleep.
  • Keep your cat’s claws trimmed down so that your door doesn’t get scratched up and damaged.
  • Consider getting another cat for your existing pet to play with.
  • You should never open the door no matter how much your cat scratches, as it only gives them what they want.
  • Buy your cat a durable scratching post so it can maintain its own claws.
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