You have probably noticed your cat yawning while you are around. Is it because you are so boring?

There are actually multiple explanations.

1. Your Kitty Needs More Air

Sometimes cats open their mouth wide and yawn in order to take a deep breath. This could indicate that your pet is having difficulty breathing.

If you notice that your cat is yawning a lot, it’s probably a good idea to take it to the vet as soon as possible. While it might be nothing, you should play it safe just in case.

Lots of catch yawn as they are stretching, which is perfectly normal. It is, however, their way of getting more oxygen. This is typically not something that you should be concerned with, unless it is accompanied by some abnormal behavior.

yawning kitten

2. They are Sleepy

It is also possible that your cat is yawning simply because it is tired. This is a common occurrence with people as well. 

The theory is that we take shallower breaths when we are sleep deprived, so we take in a deep breath at one time to compensate. This logic could be applied to cats, but there is no hard evidence to offer definitive proof as of yet.

3. Boredom

Another explanation for your kitty’s yawning is that they are bored. Cats can get bored and restless just like their human owners.

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If you don’t pay enough attention to your cat or play with it on a daily basis, boredom can quickly creep in. Just about all animals breathe deeply when they are stimulated in some way. If your pet isn’t getting enough mental and physical stimulation, they might start yawning.

It is very important that you make sure your fuzzy friend is getting adequate attention each day. You should set aside some time to play with your cat, especially if it seems like it might be bored.

You could interpret this behavior as your cat trying to tell you that they need to be entertained, and that is partially your responsibility.

yawning cat

4. Stress

Some animal researchers believe that cats sometimes yawn because they are stressed. There are a lot of different ways that physical and mental stress can manifest physically, both in people and pets.

When your kitty lets out a big yawn, it could be their way of trying to relieve stress. A sudden large intake of oxygen can have a mild but temporary relaxing effect.

5. You Agitated Them

Waking up a cat can be a bad move for a number of reasons. Sometimes when a cat is woken up suddenly, it gives out a big yawn. This could indicate that they feel agitated and just want to sleep. After all, wouldn’t you be annoyed if someone woke you up in mid-sleep?

You might have noticed that your cat yawns if you interrupt it while it is doing something else, such as using its scratching post. This is just another way for your cat to communicate with you in it owns way.

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6. Discomfort

There is a chance that your cat’s yawning could be due to discomfort of some kind. Some cats yawn if they are experiencing pain, especially of the mouth. This could be anything from a toothache to general mouth pain.

If you notice that your cat is drooling excessively as well as yawning a lot, it’s time to pay a visit to the veterinarian. It is very likely that there is something wrong with them that needs to be looked into.

You should also take notice if your cat seems to be pawing at their mouth. This could very well mean that they are in pain for some reason. If this is the case, your cat might lash out if you try to touch their mouth. These are all signs that something is terribly wrong with them.

7. Cooling Down

Another theory about yawning is that animals do it as a way of cooling down after a period of heightened activity. The decreased oxygen in the blood could be leading your cat to drawn in more air than usual in the form of a yawn.

It seems as though cats that are very active tend to yawn more than that just lie around all the time. There is no hard scientific evidence to back this up, but it is a theory with at least some basis to it.

8. Your Cat is Mimicking You

There is a known phenomenon among humans where one person will yawn if they see someone else doing it. T he scientific term for this is a “mirrored neuron reaction”. Some researchers believe that it is possible for this to occur even between two different species.

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This means that your cat could be yawning simply because it notices you yawning. Next time you yawn in the same room as your kitty, quickly look over to see if they have copied you. This might seem implausible, but it’s definitely not the strangest theory about feline yawning.

9. Nervousness

Animal behavior experts have noticed that cats sometimes yawn because they are nervous. This is probably an instinct that goes back thousands of years as a reaction to predators. It is also likely why they bear their teeth while doing this.


  • Frequent yawning could indicate a serious breathing problem that your cat needs treatment for.
  • It is possible that your cat is yawning because they are bored, so try spending a little more time interacting with them.
  • Yawning can a sign of pain or discomfort, especially when it is accompanied by excessive drooling.
  • Your cat might be yawning as a way of relieving stress by taking in a large amount of oxygen all at once.
  • It could be that your cat is just sleepy and needs to take a (cat) nap.
  • Cats may sometimes yawn because they are agitated by their owners in some way.
  • It could be a case of your cat yawning because it saw you doing it first.
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