How Long Do Pugs live?

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If you are planning on getting a pug, it is important that you learn everything you can about this breed.

There are a number of things you’ll want to know about the pug’s life span. It is crucial that you get this information before deciding to buy one of these dogs.

Most Common Causes of Death for Pugs

There are certain diseases and health conditions that are more common than others with pugs. Many of these conditions can significantly shorten this dog’s lifespan. It is very important that you learn about these issues before deciding to bring a pug home.


Unfortunately, a significant number of pugs die from cancer each year. A little over ten percent of this breed succumbs to various types of cancer annually. Some of the more common forms of cancer in these dogs include skin tumors, mouth cancer, and testicular cancer.

Statistically speaking, malignant skin tumors are the most common killer of pugs with regards to cancer. Over ten percent of this breed ends up with cancerous tumors on various parts of their body.

Nervous System Problems

Pugs also tend to develop problems with their nervous system, which can be very serious. Some of these diseases can lead to swelling of the brain, which is often fatal. This can result in frequent seizures, severe lethargy, and other serious symptoms. While there are treatment options available for some of these conditions, they are not always ideal.

Genetic Diseases

It is not uncommon for pugs to develop a variety of diseases due to their genetics. This breed is prone to heart defects as well as stenosis, which can both be very serious. A seemingly small heart defect can significantly shorten a pug’s life by a matter of years. This is why many of these dogs end up dying from a heart attack.


A little over ten percent of all pug deaths are due to an infection of some kind. This could be anything from a virus to a bacterial infection. These dogs can also develop fungal infections, which can cause serious health complications if left untreated.

It is also not uncommon for pugs to develop skin infections. While these infections are not fatal, they can cause your dog quite a bit of discomfort.

Some of the bacterial infections that pugs are prone to include leptospirosis and various tick-borne diseases. Histoplasmosis and blastomycosis are two fungal infections these dogs can get. These infections can quickly become life threatening if they are not treated promptly and properly.

Average Lifespan of Pugs

Most pugs live to be around 12 to 15 years old, with the average being slightly less than 13 years. It is possible, however, for these dogs to live up to 17 years.

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How to Help Your Pug Live Longer

There are lots of things that you can do for your pug to extend its life significantly. The quality of care your pet receives plays a huge factor in how long they will live.

Keep your Pug on a Healthy Diet

It is very important that you keep your pug on a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet on a daily basis. You’ll want to minimize the number of fatty foods you give them as treats. Make sure that you also have a specific time that you give them each of their meals every single day. Find the right food for your pug here: Best Dog Food.

You should also look into giving your pug a vitamin supplement, as it could benefit them quite a bit. There are also probiotic supplements, which help with keeping a dog’s digestive system healthy and functioning properly. Consult with your vet to see what they think before giving them anything.

Make sure they get Plenty of Exercise

All dogs need to get lots of exercise each day, including pugs. This breed in particular naturally has a ton of energy it needs to burn off. It is recommended that you take them to a dog part at least once or twice each week. This will allow your dog to run around and play with its own kind.

A lot of pugs have issues with breathing properly, which can cause them to pass out when getting exercise. It is important that you keep a close eye on them at all times. These dogs can also overheat easily, so you don’t want to keep them outside in the blazing sun for very long.

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Practice good grooming

It can be easy to forget about grooming with your dog, but it’s an essential part of keeping them healthy. This means giving your dog a bath once in a while, as well as brushing their coat to remove excess hair. This will also provide you with the perfect opportunity to check for skin tumors or lesions, which this bred is prone to.

Take them in for Regular Checkups

If you want to ensure that your pug has a long and healthy life, you must take them to the vet for regular checkups. This will go a long way towards preserving your dog’s overall health. The sooner you find out about a serious problem with them, the better their chances will be of staying healthy.


  • The average pug lives to about 12 years old, though these dogs can live up to 17 years.
  • Cancer is one of the leading causes of death among pugs.
  • Skin cancer is fairly common with this breed, which is why it is important that you check your dog’s skin on a regular basis.
  • These dogs are also prone to bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.
  • Pugs often develop serious health problems as a result of poor genetics, including heart defects.
  • Your dog could also develop problems with their nervous system that could be fatal.
  • If you want to extend your pug’s life, it is crucial that you keep them on a healthy overall diet.
  • Make sure that your dog also gets plenty of exercises each day.
  • Regular checkups at the vet will ensure that you know about any potentially serious health problems early on.
  • Remember to keep your dog well-groomed by brushing and bathing them when necessary.
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