The Lineolated Parakeet is a quiet bird that doesn’t make a lot of noise.

It has a vibrant appearance and a personality to match. If you are trying to find a beautiful new bird to buy, this one is an excellent overall choice worth considering.


This parakeet has green plumage and some areas of dark green and black on their wings. The brown eyes and horn-colored beak of this bird makes it quite nice looking as a whole. These birds can grow up to 2 ounces with a length of 7 inches at most. They are just a little bit larger than their budgie cousins.

Lineolated Parakeet Lifespan

The average Lineolated Parakeet lives about 10 years, though some can live longer if they are properly taken care of in every way. It is not unheard of for these parakeets to live up to 15 years, making them great long term pets.


If you want your parakeet to grow into a well-adjusted adult, it is important that you feed them by hand. This will establish a powerful bond that is practically impossible to break. These birds are incredibly social by nature. You can definitely count on yours to provide you with endless hours of entertainment over the years.

These parakeets tend to do very well when they are kept with their own kind, so you’ll want to keep that in mind. You will certainly want to make a point of spending a good amount of time with them on a daily basis. Since they tend to get bored rather easily, you will have to do everything possible to keep yours stimulated.

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You will find that these birds can be fairly big talkers. They speak very clearly, but they aren’t capable of learning quite as many words as other birds. You can expect your bird to mimic various sounds they hear on a daily basis, such as the timer on the microwave or even your phone’s audio notifications.

Lineolated Parakeets couple

Natural Habitat

The Lineolated Parakeet can be found in Mexico, South America, and all over Central America. These birds tend to prefer densely packed forests in the mountains. There is a significant population of them in the Andes mountains.

Lineolated Parakeet Care Guide

1. Diet

A proper diet will help your bird live a long and happy life, so it is very important that you give them the right food each day. These birds should be given a seed and pellet mix that is formulated for parakeets.

You can also give your bird spray millet and cuttlebone to prevent a calcium deficiency, which can quickly become very problematic. They also really like fruits and vegetables, but you should never give them avocado. 

Walnuts, peppers, beans, mango and pomegranate are just some of these birds’ favorite foods. And while they make for excellent snacks, you shouldn’t give them a lot on a regular basis. This can lead to obesity, which will quickly deteriorate your bird’s overall health.

2. Environment

You will need to get a cage for your parakeet that measures at least 24 inches all around. This will give them enough space to move around without feeling cramped at all. The size of their enclosure can play a significant role when it comes to how long they live.

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A lot of people who own these birds keep them in aviaries, which is something to consider. They are pretty quiet by themselves, but they can get pretty loud when in a flock. You probably don’t want to keep more than one of this bird if you live in an apartment.

It is absolutely crucial that these birds interact with you and everyone else in the household for at least a couple of hours every single day. They can get pretty cranky when they aren’t given enough attention on a regular basis.

3. Common Health Problems

These parakeets tend to develop fatty tumors, which can be fatal if proper treatment is not rendered right away. They are also prone to a lot of the same diseases and illnesses that most other parrots are. This includes polyomavirus, candida, and proventricular dilation disease (PDD).

You’ll want to keep a close eye on your bird each day and look for signs of illness. This includes sluggish behavior, changes in eating habits, and obsessive feather plucking. All of these thigns indicate a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

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4. Lineolated Parakeet Grooming

Since the nails of these birds tend to grow very quickly, you will need to stay on top of trimming. A rough perch in their cage can go a long way towards reducing the amount of grooming work you need to do. While you can always take them to the vet or a groomer to have this done, this expense can really add up. 

You’ll also want to consider spraying your bird with lukewarm water every couple of days to keep them clean. Another option is to just leave a bowl of water in their cage for them to bathe in.

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Lineolated Parakeet Price

You will most likely pay around $300 for two Lineolated Parakeets. These birds are often purchased together because of well they do when kept in pairs.


  • The Lineolated Parakeet has a mostly green appearance with some black on their wings.
  • These birds can live up to 15 years when they are taken good care of each day.
  • It is important to hand feed these birds from a young age so they turn out well-adjusted overall.
  • This bird is usually very social and loves interacting with people and being handled.
  • While a solitary Lineolated Parakeet is fairly quiet, they can make a lot of noise when kept as a pair.
  • You can expect this bird to talk a little bit and mimic various sounds they hear throughout each day.
  • Make sure that you give this bird a high quality pellet mix that is specially formulated for parakeets.
  • These birds do well in aviaries, and you need to make sure their cage is at least 24 inches squared.
  • Their nails can grow pretty fast, so you’ll want to make a point of trimming them when necessary.
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