The yellow-naped Amazons are quite popular among pet bird owners. They are really great companions in that they can be pretty talkative, enjoy the interaction, and react to challenges like toys.

It’s fun to be around a yellow-named Amazon parrot and once you have one for yourself, you’ll be quick to note why is that so.

The species’ binomial nomenclature is Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata.

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot Information

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are very common because they’re very talkative in general and thus, sought after. They are from Southern Mexico and Central America naturally.

The yellow-naped Amazon parrot is a medium-sized parrot with a green body. Very social and vocal communicators, they have an average lifespan that exceeds 30 years. They have a stout build, a black beak, and as you might have already guessed, a defining yellow patch on their nape (back of the neck).

Yellow-naped Amazons have a short tail with red to dark green strokes. These parrots have a dominant breast that can become larger in many cases of obesity.

They are long-lived pets, so you will need to make sure that you know plenty about them before you make a decision. This is more like choosing a pet companion for a large portion of your life and caring for them – so you can only imagine how important the various aspects like taking proper care of them, feeding them, their behavior and nature, their sound, etc. are – I’d say very critical.

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So, without further ado, let’s talk about these aspects. 

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Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot Care guide

Amazons are usually good fliers when they’re in the wild but it’s almost traditional that they become lazy, fat, and somewhat lethargic in captivity, as pets.

You have to keep in mind that if you feed them plenty of starchy food, they’d never get bored of it and only become even lazier and more lethargic. They’d love to just sit around and eat. And the yellow-naped Amazon parrots are no different.

You need to keep their diet healthy simply because there are many problems directly associated with a pet bird’s obesity, primary among those being an enormously shortened lifespan and even serious tumors.

Although the average lifespan is pinned somewhere around 30 years, there have been reports where the parrot lived for up to 90 years. So, if you keep their lifestyle healthy, make sure there’s someone to take care of them after you!

Amazons love to eat products like Nutri-Berries, Parrot Pellets, and Avi-Cakes. These are all readily available in any major pet store or online.

Caring for an Amazon, therefore, comes down to the single most important fact: keep them healthy and keep obesity away. For that, you need to include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet as well. Good nutritional values in an Amazon’s diet will make sure they remain healthy.

Additionally, make sure there’s plenty of playtimes and also exercise to maintain their shape.

Two or three different types of toys, as well as toys meant to be broken down by beaks, are really good pastimes for yellow-naped Amazon parrots. Don’t underestimate what a toy can do for your bird pet. Not only is it extremely important for health reasons but it also makes sure that your pet isn’t getting bored. Bored pets are prone to developing negative behavioral traits.

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The Yellow-Naped Parrot’s Behavior and nature

Adult Amazons are known for their mood swings. Their temperament can change in a split second and they can start attacking people around them or those interacting with them. Yellow-napes aren’t much different, as you’ll see.

When they’re young, they can be rightly affectionate and mild. In a nutshell – amazing pets. However, as they grow older and become adults, they have a tendency to become cold towards their owners or even aggressive in certain cases. The males display aggression more often and the females are generally more affectional. So, if you don’t want any trouble, perhaps you should go for a hen instead of a cock.

Yellow-naped Amazons like bigger cages. So, don’t hold back when you’re getting a cage for your feathery friend. It might also be a good idea to have a covered portion in the cage or a smaller, secondary cage where they’ll go to take a nap and sleep.


Just like most other Amazons, the yellow-naped Amazons also have a knack to catch human speech and repeat it for a long time.

The yellow-naped Amazon’s human speech imitation is as clear and as quantitative as possible. No other amazon parrot can ever out-talk a yellow-naped one or speak more clearly than one.

In fact, the yellow-naped Amazons understand the context in which the speech was made. And when that context is repeated, they will repeat the words. It’s been proven that certain breeds of parrots can not only imitate but even contextualize human speed, so no surprises there.

As for their normal, bird voice – they are extremely loud!

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There are noisier Amazon breeds but the yellow-napes have what it takes to be called extremely noisy at times, especially around dawn and dusk. When they’re having their moment, you better leave them undisturbed as their noise will only increase.

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So, now you know:

  • Expect noises every once a while that are pretty loud, to be honest, and
  • Be conscious of what you say around them and in what context or be ready for some humiliation by your pet bird in the future!

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot Price

$1200 to $3000.

Of course, the pricing depends on where you buy the parrot from and what their condition is. For example, sometimes you’ll see them being offered for a very low price from adoption centers – and in that case, it’s a usually a very good idea to ask why were they offered up for adoption in the first place.

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