Safe Vegetables for Pet Birds

pet bird vegetables

There are lots of delicious vegetables that can help supplement your bird’s diet.

It is important that you take the time to learn about some of these foods. They can help your bird live a long and healthy life.

1. Broccoli

A lot of birds like the taste of broccoli, and it is packed with a variety of nutrients. The copious amount of vitamin D in this vegetable can prevent a deficiency in your pet, which can become serious. 

Captive birds don’t naturally produce as much of this vitamin as wild birds, as they don’t get nearly as much UV light exposure. Giving your bird even a little bit of broccoli once in a while can do wonders for its overall health.

2. Spinach

Spinach is definitely another vegetable that most birds can really benefit from. It is loaded with antioxidants that can help maintain your feathery companion’s immune system. This will reduce the likelihood of illness, which is always a good thing. 

One of the great things about this vegetable is that it is extremely healthy, but also filling. It can help with preventing obesity, which is a major problem among captive birds.

3. Carrots

parrot eating carrot

The various vitamins in carrots make them an excellent snack/treat for your bird. They can even help with preventing eye-related issues, which can be fairly common in certain species. Most birds like to play with small pieces of carrot as well, so they make for a nice toy. 

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The vitamin A that comes from the beta carotene in this vegetable can reduce the chances of your bird developing serious health problems. There is also a significant amount of vitamin B6, which is also good for your pet.

4. Peppers

There are lots of different types of peppers that can be highly beneficial for your bird’s health. Red peppers contain tons of vitamin C, and red bell peppers are an excellent source of vitamin B6. Birds don’t have the same type of taste buds that we do, so they aren’t bothered by the spicy flavor.

Many peppers also have powerful antioxidant properties, which boosts your bird’s immune system. These vegetables can also help your bird maintain a normal weight, which is crucial to their overall health. If you are looking for a nutritious snack to give your pet bird, this is a great choice to consider. You’ll most likely find that your bird will love the taste as well.

5. Snap Peas

Snap peas are yet another highly nutritious and tasty vegetables that is perfect for most birds. You can give this food to your bird completely raw, and it makes for a wonderful toy. These animals love to play with snap peas. This provides them with a healthy snack and a means of keeping them mentally stimulated, which is important.

These peas have lots of fiber in them, which is good for your pet’s digestive system. It can also help with regulating blood sugar levels, making it easier to keep your bird at a healthy weight. The last thing you want is for them to become obese.

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6. Kale

Kale is a “super food” due to its dense and plentiful nutrient properties. This vegetable contains lots of vitamin B, calcium, copper, and potassium. The calcium in particular can be helpful when it comes to helping your bird’s bones grow strong from a young age. It can also be useful with strengthening their beak.

There are also lots of antioxidants in kale that can keep your bird’s heart and the rest of its body as healthy as possible. Studies have shown that eating this vegetable on a regular basis can even lower one’s blood pressure. While it might not affect birds the exact same way, there is no question that it benefits them as a whole.

7. Chard

Swiss Chard is among the healthiest vegetables on the planet. It has very few calories and contains a good amount of protein, vitamins A, C, and K, as well as magnesium. Studies involving this vegetable and animals have revealed that it doesn’t just benefit humans.

Even birds can get a lot from eating this vegetable on a semi-regular basis. It can even help with preventing cell damage that is the result of dangerous free radicals. 

It could also reduce the chances of your bird developing liver and/or kidney disease. These diseases are fairly common in many birds, so you’ll want to keep this in mind.

8. Asparagus

Giving your bird asparagus once in a while can also do wonderful things for its health. This vegetable is packed with folate, vitamin K, riboflavin, and selenium. These vitamins and minerals can protect your bird from a wide range of diseases, many of which can be quite serious.

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There is also a decent amount of research data to indicate that asparagus can improve liver health and metabolic function.

9. Cabbage

Red cabbage, in particular, is extremely nutritious, offering two grams of fiber per 89 grams. It also has tons of vitamin C, which is definitely good for your bird’s health. In fact, there are few other vegetables on the planet that are so densely packed with important nutrients.


  • Broccoli is a very healthy vegetables that contains lots of vitamin D, which captive birds need plenty of.
  • Spinach is another good food to give your pet bird as a snack because of its powerful antioxidant properties.
  • Carrots are loaded with vitamin A and vitamin B6, which can reduce the chances of serious illness in your pet.
  • Peppers also have lots of antioxidants as well as vitamin C.
  • Snap peas make for a tasty and nutritious treat for your bird, and you can give it to them completely raw.
  • Kale is widely regarded as a “super food” due to its high levels of potassium, calcium, and vitamin B.
  • Swiss chard is very low in calories and can provide your pet with many of the vitamins it needs to stay healthy as a whole.
  • Asparagus has tons of vitamin K and selenium, which pretty much all birds can benefit from.
  • Red cabbage is also a nutritious vegetable with lots of vitamin C and other nutrients.