If your cat is peeing in your bed, you’ll need to address the problem right away.

The occasional accident is normal for kittens, but not adult cats. It is also not normal if it is happening on a consistent basis.

There are numerous explanations for this that you’ll want to learn about.

Possible Reasons Your Cat is Peeing in the Bed

The following is a list of the most common reasons for cats to pee in their owner’s bed. Once you identity the cause, you should be able to put a stop to this fairly easily.

1. Bladder Infection

There is a chance that your cat has a bladder infection. The inflammation that is created by this condition causes the cat to urinate without warning. They may not be able to always make it to the litter box.

Make sure that you look for blood in the urine or cloudy urine, as it is a sign of a serious infection that requires immediate treatment. Your cat may also be dribbling urine instead of it coming out as a steady stream.

2. Bladder Stones

Your cat may also be urinating in the bed if it has bladder stones. Some of the other signs of this problem include licking their own genitals, frequent urination, and straining to urinate. Many cats with bladder stones also cry out while urinating because it hurts.

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This is another problem that can cause severe inflammation, and it is not to be taken lightly. The sooner you get your cat treatment, the sooner they will be able to make a full recovery without any long term consequences.

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3. The Litter Box isn’t Clean Enough

If your cat’s litter box is not clean enough, they could refuse to use it entirely. This is why it is so important that you make a point of keeping it clean on a consistent basis. These animals can be very picky when it comes to this particular environment.

You should be cleaning the litter box at least a couple of times each day. You also need to completely empty it out and clean it with soap and water once each week. This will greatly increase the chances of your cat using the litter box.

4. They Don’t Have Easy Access to a Litter Box

It’s also necessary to have a different litter box for each cat in the house. If you try to make two or more cats share a litter box, there will be issues to say the least. Cats do not like to share when it comes to this space.

Make sure that you have a litter box on every level of your home as well. This way your cat will never have to go very far to do its business. You should avoid having any litter boxes in parts of the house where there is a lot of noise. If your cat can’t get comfortable in its litter box, it might not use it.

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If you have noticed your cat having difficulty getting in and out of its litter box, you’ll want to get a different one for them. This is an issue that some cats have as they get older. If they are not able to easily access their litter box, they could end up peeing in your bed.

5. Their Litter Box is Not Big Enough

Finally, you need to make certain that each of your cats have a litter box that is large enough for them. If your cat barely fits in the box, you’ll want to change out the one they have for something bigger. It is imperative that your cat is comfortable in their litter box.

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6. Anxiety

Your cat could also be peeing in your bed because it is very anxious. If your schedule has changed recently, you’ll need to consider this possibility. They could be doing this as a way of calming themselves down. This is not something they are doing out of spite.

Make sure that you are spending plenty of time with your cat while you are at home with it. This could reduce your cat’s anxiety and keep it from peeing on the bed while you are gone. Take out some of its favorite toys and play with it for a decent amount of time each day.

Catnip toys in particular can help to keep your cat distracted so it doesn’t exhibit any negative stress behaviors. Pack a fun toy full of catnip when you leave for work or if you are going to be out for a while.

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There are also products that expel pheromones that you can buy. These come in the form of sprays and diffusers. This can be a good way to get your pet to stay calm while you are gone. This could make a hugely positive difference with their behavior.

When to see Your Veterinarian

If you notice any signs of physical illness in your cat, you will need to take them to the vet right away. There is a chance that your cat is doing this because of a serious health problem, especially if it keeps happening.


  • There is a chance that your cat is peeing on the bed due to a medical condition of some kind.
  • Bladder stones or a bladder infection are two of the most common reasons for cats to pee outside of the litter box.
  • Your cat may also be doing this because their litter box is not clean or comfortable.
  • Make sure that you clean each cat’s litter box a couple of times each day and replace the litter every week.
  • If your cat looks even a little cramped while it is in its litter box, you should probably get a bigger one.
  • You’ll want to have a litter box on every level of your home so your cat never has to go far to pee.
  • If anxiety is the problem, you should spend as much time with your cat as possible while you are home. A pheromone diffuser can also be quite effective at keeping them from peeing in the bed due to anxiety.
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