The Double Yellow Headed Parrot is a very chatty bird that makes for one interesting pet.

You will definitely never be bored having this bird around.


This Amazonian parrot has a yellow head with a green body and some red around the top of its wings. It is well known for its amazing colors that are quite vibrant. These birds can weigh anywhere from 445 to 650 grams, measuring about 16 inches at most.

Double Yellow Headed Parrot Lifespan

These parrots typically live to be about 70 or 80 years old with proper care. This provides you with the perfect long term feathery companion.

The Double Yellow Headed Parrot’s Personality

While these parrots can definitely be sweet and affectionate, they are also known for having quite a temper at times. This is precisely why it is probably not a good idea to keep one of these birds if you have small children around the house.

These birds definitely form deep bonds with their owners, usually choosing one person in the family over all others as its “favorite”. You can actually prevent this by simply having everyone in the household spend as much time with it as possible.

This is one of the best birds that you can get as a companion because of how loyal it is. Because these birds tend to get very noisy, they aren’t a great choice if you live in an apartment. While they can certainly be intense at times, it is well worth it because of their other qualities.

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You will definitely be able to handle these birds without any issues (most of the time), but be careful. Any rough handling could result in getting nipped at.

Double yellow headed parrot portrait

Natural Habitat

The Double Yellow Headed parrot can be found in Mexico as well as the northern region of Central America. These birds definitely prefer forests and mangroves. You can usually find them in these areas by streaming rivers.

Double Yellow Headed Parrot Care Guide

1. Double Yellow Headed Parrot Diet

You can feed these parrots a wide range of foods, including seeds, fruits, leafy greens, and nuts. They need a good balance of food on a daily basis to stay healthy. You should also give these birds cuttlebone to ensure that they don’t develop a calcium deficiency.

There are plenty of different parrot mixes on the market that you can feed to these birds. They are specially formulated for parrots, so your bird gets just what it needs. This includes all of the vitamins and proteins these animals require to stay healthy.

These birds also love berries and leaf buds, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

2. Environment

While the Double Yellow Headed Parrot has a very adaptable nature, you’ll still need to get it a cage that is plenty big. Their enclosure should allow them to fly around at will. You absolutely need to make a point of putting some toys and other things in their cage. 

If your bird isn’t able to keep itself mentally stimulated, it will likely begin plucking out its own feathers. This self-mutilating behavior is very destructive and can even result in death if the bird ends up getting an infection.

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You will need to get a cage that is made of steel so this bird doesn’t damage it by chewing on the bars. A strong enclosure is an absolutely necessity for these animals. Make sure that it measures at least 34 inches all around. This will ensure that it has enough space to flap its wings and fly. This cage should also have perches inside, so your bird has a place to rest and a way to keep its nails trimmed down.

Double yellow headed parrot in forest

3. Common Health Problems

These birds can develop a number of serious health issues if they are allowed to gain a significant amount of weight. This can happen quite easily when the bird is not getting enough exercise on a regular basis.

It is very important to make sure that you get your bird adequate exercise each day so that it stays at a healthy overall weight. Look for sudden weight loss, as it could be a sign of chlamydiosis or polyomavirus. Both of these things can be very serious if they are not treated right away.

Regular trips to the vet for checkups every six months will help you catch a variety of health problems before they get really serious.

4. Grooming

Beak and nail trimming is typically not a big issue with these birds, as they tend to keep them short by biting and sitting on their perch. You will, however, want to keep an eye out for beak or nail overgrowth. This will require trimming at your veterinarian or local bird groomer. You don’t want either the bird’s beak or nails to get too long.

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Double Yellow Headed Parrot Price

The Double Yellow Headed amazon parrot is priced at around ,000. While it is definitely one of the pricier pet birds you can buy, it is far from being the most expensive parrot. This long term feathery companion is definitely worth the money when you consider the many years of loyalty you’ll get in return.


  • The Double Yellow Headed Parrot can easily live up to 70 or 80 years if it is properly taken care of.
  • These parrots have fun and playful personalities, but they can be a bit temperamental at times.
  • The fierce loyalty that these birds show to their owners makes them excellent overall companions.
  • Your bird is likely to choose a “favorite” person in the household if they are not given equal attention by everyone on a daily basis.
  • Make certain that your bird has plenty of toys to play with so that it stays occupies and doesn’t begin self harming out of boredom.
  • You can feed your bird a high-quality parrot mix along with fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, and seeds.
  • It is important that these birds have a balanced diet to stay healthy.
  • If you notice any sudden and unexplained weight loss with your bird, you should take it to the vet right away.
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