Reasons Why Your Cat is Acting Weird

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Cats can exhibit all sorts of weird behavior, and it can be difficult to understand the motivation behind it. 

Your cat’s weirdness could be a sign that something serious is wrong with it. In this article, we will explore some of the potential explanations.

1. It’s a Matter of Stress

Stress can certainly cause cats to act in ways that seem odd, to say the least. It can manifest as running and jumping around manically, or just chewing on random things. When a cat is experiencing stress, it is usually because something in their daily routine has been changed.

If you have recently brought home a new pet or a baby, your cat might get stressed because it feels the need to compete for your affection. It’s also possible that there is another pet in the house that is bullying your kitty. Whatever the cause of your cat’s stress, it is important that you address it immediately.

2. They Have a Medical Condition

Certain medical conditions can also manifest a wide range of irregular behaviors in cats. For example, cats with hypothyroidism can become supercharged with energy. This is why you might notice your kitty running and bouncing around the house for short periods of time.

Neurological issues can also cause strange behavior in cats. This could be due to a brain tumor or just old age. As a cat gets older, it can start to experience issues with normal brain function. Cats with neurological problems do everything from running around in circles to staring off into space for a long time.

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3. Nutritional Deficiency

A nutritional deficiency is yet another possible explanation for your cat’s abnormal behavior. If they aren’t getting all of the nutrients they need on a daily basis, they might start acting differently than normal.

It is important that you find food for your cat that is packed with all of the vitamins, minerals, and protein they need. This will help keep your cat as healthy as possible, so their body and mind function properly on a daily basis. All of the necessary information about cat food you can find in our article: The Best Cat Food.

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4. They Are in Pain

A cat that is in pain can certainly act strangely. If your cat has a wound somewhere on their body, they might lick or paw at it over and over. If you’ve noticed this with your kitty, you should check them all over for injuries.

There are other things that can cause a cat to experience pain, including arthritis. The fact is that there are lots of chronic conditions that can be painful for these animals. It can be difficult to diagnose the problem yourself, depending on what it is.

Dental problems could also cause your cat to act strangely and vocalize a lot. Loud yowling is sometimes a sign of problems with their teeth. You’ll want to take a look inside their mouth to check for any broken teeth or pale gums. A veterinarian can perform a full dental exam of your cat to confirm there are no issues.

5. They Want Your Attention

When a cat wants to get their owner’s attention, they might do just about anything. This includes bouncing around in front of you while you’re trying to watch TV or meowing loudly while you are fast asleep in bed.

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If your cat seems to be trying very hard to get your attention, you probably don’t spend enough time with it on a daily basis. While it can be difficult to find time to play with your pets sometimes, it is crucial that you do so.

The more neglected your cat feels, the more likely they are to act out in ways that can be frustrating and even dangerous to themselves. Make sure that you play with your cat for at least an hour each day. This might just be exactly what you need to put a stop to your cat’s weird behavior.

6. They Are Afraid

When cats feel threatened, they can act in ways that might seem pretty odd to their owners. Your cat could feel this way because of another pet in your home. If you have a big dog or an alpha chat, this could be the case.

You’ll want to make a point of keeping an eye on how your cat interacts with the other pets in your home. Fear can be a very powerful motivator when it comes to causing a shift in an animal’s overall behavior.

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When to Take Your Cat to the Vet

If your cat’s strange behavior continues for more than a day, you should take them to the vet. The fact is that a change in personality or behavior is cause for concern, but you shouldn’t panic. Your veterinarian can perform a variety of tests to determine what is causing your feline friend to behave in this way.

The sooner you get your cat to the vet, the sooner you can figure out why they are behaving so strangely. If there is a serious underlying condition, you will want to know about it right away. The longer you wait to do this, the more at risk your cat’s health will be.

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  • Stress can cause cats to behave in odd ways, and it is often due to a sudden change in their routine or environment.
  • Bringing home a new pet or even a baby can cause your cat to experience a lot of stress, at least at first.
  • There are lots of medical conditions that can also cause strange behavior in cats.
  • If your cat has hypothyroidism, you might notice them darting around the house in a manic state.
  • A cat that is in pain will often act strangely in one way or another. This could be due to an injury they sustained, or a chronic condition like arthritis.
  • It is possible that your cat is acting like a goofball because it is trying to get your attention.
  • Older cats often behave in strange ways due to cognitive decline. This could be caused by a brain tumor or just part of the natural aging process.
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