Why Your Cat Won’t Stop Meowing

gray meowing cat

Does your cat insist on constantly meowing and you have no idea why?

These eccentric creatures have all sorts of interesting reasons for this behavior.

1. It’s Just a Matter of Attention

Cats always seem to be vying for the attention of their owners, and meowing is just one way that they do this (along with sitting on your head while you are trying to sleep). They can use all sorts of vocalizations to get you to notice them, including howling.

If you want to put an end to your cat’s incessant noise making, you should consider spending more time interacting with them each day. Buy some fun toys that you can use to play with them. This should be fairly effective when it comes to getting your kitty to calm down.

Some cats start to meow when they get bored, and it’s usually because their owners are being neglectful to some degree. It can be difficult to carve out playtime if you have a busy schedule, but it is important nonetheless.

cat meow

2. Your Kitty Doesn’t Feel Well

When your cat starts meowing and won’t shut up, it could be due to the fact that it is sick. This might be their way of telling you that they don’t feel very well.

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It is important that you pay attention for other signs of illness, including lack of appetite, vomiting, excessive licking, increased thirst, and sudden weight changes. All of these things can indicate that there is something potentially serious wrong with your cat.

3. They Want You to Feed Them

A cat tends to get pretty vocal when they are hungry and want to be fed. If you notice that your cat is meowing a lot, make sure that you didn’t forget to put out their food.

Cats are very aware of feeding times when they get their feed on a set schedule. If you are even a few minutes late with feeding them, there’s a good chance that you’ll hear about it. You might just need to put some food in their bowl to shut them up.

white meowing cat

4. High Stress Levels

While it might not seem like it, cats can and do get stressed out just like humans. An excessive amount of mental or physical stress might cause your cat to start meowing more than it usually does.

This is actually pretty common when a cat has been introduced to a new environment. If you have just moved into a new place, there is a chance that this will happen. 

It is basically your kitty’s way of letting you know that it doesn’t like the change in venue. The good news is that it will eventually get used to their new surroundings with a little bit of time.

5. Dementia

The older a cat gets, the more prone it is to dementia and problems with mental confusion. This too can result in meowing over and over. While it is a pretty sad thing, there really isn’t much you can do if this is indeed the case with your cat. All you can do is just be patient with them, which can be a real challenge at times.

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6. They are in Heat

Female cats that are in heat can become inordinately vocal, meowing and yowling like crazy. This can be extremely annoying at times, but you’ll only have to deal with it for a couple of weeks or so.

Male cats can also make quite a bit of noise if there is a female cat in heat that is near them. This is all the more reason to consider having your cats spayed or neutered. It will make living with them a whole lot more bearable, and it is ultimately good for these animals.

7. Your Cat is Just Being Friendly

There is a good chance that your cat is meowing at you just as a way of saying “hello”. This is why you have probably noticed them meowing when they come into a room that you happen to be occupying. It is a behavior that is commonly seen in some of the more affectionate breeds.

8. They are Being Left Alone too Much

If you are gone a lot of the time and leave your cat on its own, the constant meowing could be due to loneliness. You might want to think about getting another cat to keep them company while you are at work.

You can also try getting your cat some fun toys to keep it occupied while you are gone so they aren’t quite as vocal when you return. It takes a surprisingly little amount of effort to keep a cat entertained, even when you are not there with them.

9. You Brought a New Pet into the House

Cats that are accustomed to ruling the house as the only pet sometimes don’t react very well to a new addition. If you have just brought home a new dog or another cat, you might find that your cat will meow and make some noise at first.

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You can expect your cat to adjust to the new pet over time, but it might take a little while. Keep in mind that some cats just don’t get along well with other cats, so you need to consider their personality before bringing another one home.


  • Meowing is usually a sign that a cat is trying to get your attention.
  • If your cat’s meowing has gotten really annoying, you can try spending more time interacting with it directly. A little play time can go a long way.
  • There is a chance that your cat keeps vocalizing because they are lonely for most of the day due to you being gone.
  • Older cats often meow because they have dementia and get confused.
  • Female cats in heat can become very loud and make a variety of sounds when their urges get unbearable.
  • Male cats that are responding to a nearby female in heat can also meow quite a bit.