Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?

cat staring

Cats have been known to exhibit all manner of eccentric behaviors.

If your kitty keeps staring at you, there is a reason they are doing it.

In this article, you will learn a little bit more about why your cat does this, which could help you take better care of it.

How Cats Communicate

There are all sorts of different ways that cats communicate without vocalizing. Since these animals cannot speak like humans, they often rely on body language for communicating with their owners. This can include staring, which can mean a number of things.

The more familiar you become with your cat’s body language, the easier it will be to guess what they want or what they are thinking. There are a wide range of things that a cat can communicate without ever uttering a single sound.

Reasons for Your Cat’s Staring

1. They are Happy to See You

One of the possible reasons that your cat keeps staring at you is because it is happy to see you. You might also notice that their body has a loose and relaxed overall posture with their tail moving around freely. All of these can be point to a happy kitty.

Another sign that your cat is happy to see you when they are staring is that they blink a lot. While nobody is really sure why these animals do this, it does seem to be the case much of the time. If you have a close bond with your cat, you will probably notice them doing these things on a fairly regular basis.

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cat stare

2. They are Agitated

It is also possible that your cat’s staring is due to anger or agitation. If they are irritated for whatever reason, they might begin staring. It’s important that you know when this is the case so you can avoid getting scratched up.

A cat that is poised to attack usually has a very stiff posture with their tail straight up. If you notice this with your cat, you should be very cautious around them. It is important that you do not attempt to pick up or bother your kitty when it is in this state.

You should avoid staring back at your cat when it is like this, as it might cause them to become even more agitated. The best thing you can do is to just toss around a toy and hope for the best.

3. They want your attention

Sometimes a cat will stare up at their owner as a means of getting their attention. This is often accompanied by vocalizing (meows or whining). If they are staring at your relentlessly when you get home from work, this is likely the case.

Your cat most likely wants your attention after they have not seen you all day. This behavior is also common in multi-cat households. It is fairly common for cats to do just about everything they can to get their owner’s attention.

4. They are Frightened

There are numerous behaviors that a frightened cat might exhibit, including staring. This could be your cat’s way of expressing fear. A cat might stare directly at you if they are startled by a noise or movement that you’ve made.

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You can comfort your kitty by doing a number of things, such as trying to play with them or giving them a treat. Your cat should stop staring at you when they are no longer feeling on edge. Make sure that you don‘t do anything that could cause your cat to become even more tense or scared.

cat curious

5. It’s Sheer Curiosity

A cat will sometimes stare at something that it is curious about. They are basically waiting for whatever they are looking at to move or do something so they can get more information. This is often the case with cats and their owners or new people who come into the house.

If you happen to be acting in a way that is different than normal, your cat might stare at you. They are just trying to understand what is happening. This is not too far off from what us humans do when we encounter something or someone we don’t understand.

Eventually your kitty will lose interest in whatever piqued their interested in the first place and they will stop staring.

6. They are Actually Sleeping

It may actually be the case that your cat isn’t staring at all, but rather sleeping. Some cats do in fact sleep with their eyes slightly open, which can look like staring. Your pet could just be taking a “cat nap”, as they tend to do from time to time.

You can usually tell a difference in the way your cat sounds/breathes when it is sleeping. Listen carefully for a slight purring sound, which indicates that they are far away in dream land.

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7. Medical Problem

Your cat might stare at you because it is injured and in need of help. They could also be developing dementia, which can happen with older cats. If you get the sense that something is wrong with your cat, you should get them to the vet right away.


  • It is perfectly normal for cats to stare, as it is part of their basic body language.
  • Your cat might be staring at you because they are just happy to see you.
  • A happy cat typically has a relaxed posture with a loose tail that moves around freely.
  • Sometimes a cat will stare at their owner if they are agitated.
  • You can tell if your cat is on edge because their body will stiffen and their tail goes up.
  • If your cat is startled or scared by something you did, they might stare at you for a little bit.
  • Curiosity is another common explanation for why cats stare at their owners.
  • Your cat could actually be sleeping at not staring at you. These animals often sleep with their eyes somewhat open.
  • A medical condition can cause a cat to stare at their owner as well.